The Coolest Cat Cafe Names

Cat cafe names are known for being cute, but with nearly 700 of them globally, it’s inevitable that a few will stand out as exceptionally clever.

Dare I say, they might even be considered cool?

World’s End Girlfriend: Beijing, China

WEG logo.JPG

Definitely one of the quirkiest names out there, this cat cafe in Beijing is a den of romance serving up friendly felines and classy cocktails in a dimly lit, cozy setting accented by flowers and old Hollywood posters.

Catmosphere: Chiang Mai, Thailand


This cat cafe offers a space theme that matches the name. With two locations, Sydney and Chiang Mai, this well-run business strikes a great balance between cat and cafe. 

Mog on the Tyne: Newcastle, United Kingdom


I thought the name was clever until I discovered it was a play on a song Fog on the Tyne. Mog is short for ‘moggy’ a common term for a cats without pedigree in the UK and the Tyne river runs close by, so the name is pretty genius when you think about it.

Cool name aside, the friendly folks and felines make this a can’t-miss spot whilst visiting Old Blighty.

Purringtons Cat Lounge, Portland, Oregon


Portland is known to be hip, so the fact that their cat cafe has a cool name isn’t a surprise. Sadly, they are set to close soon, so get there while you can!

BaristaCats: Berlin, Germany

IMG_0575 3.JPG

One of Berlin’s three fine cat cafes, BaristaCats is a fun play on the coffee-with-cats trend PLUS the 1970 Disney animated film, The Aristocats.

It also happens to be a beautiful cat cafe with outstanding food/drink and several rescue cats in residence.

Very cool.

Helkatti: Helsinki, Finland

Photo Oct 10, 1 53 02 PM.jpg

Lonely Planet describes Helsinki as ‘quirky adventure,’ and its cat cafe embodies that description to a ‘T’. The clever combination of the city name plus the Finnish word for cat, its also a play on the English word ‘hellcat’ which conjures up images of everything from spitfire females to outlaw bikers to muscle cars.

What’s not to love?

4Rest: Seoul, South Korea


One of my favorite cat cafes in not just South Korea, but the world, part of 4rest’s appeal lies in its ingenious name, as the shop’s residents are all drop-dead-gorgeous Norwegian Forest Cats.

Throw in stunning wooden interiors and outstanding coffee drinks, and you have the perfect destination when needing a break from exploring the crazy-cool streets of Seoul.

Pee Pees Katzencafe: Berlin, Germany


Yes, the name is funny and clearly doesn’t require explanation as to why it stands out.

However, Pee Pees is serious when it comes to offering a quality experience. With their cute rescue cats, genial humans, cheerful atmosphere and excellent foodservice, a visit is encouraged when in Berlin!  

Maison de Moggy: Edinburgh, United Kingdom


Moggy is a slang term used in the UK to describe a cat without pedigree and when combined with maison, the French word for classy house, you have a perfect example of British tongue-in-cheek humor.

Add in the fact that all of their cats have French names such as Jacques, Amelie, Philippe, Marcel and my favorite, Guillaume, and you know that these super-cool Scots have a good time in store for you.

Romeow Cat Bistrot: Rome, Italy

Romeow Cat Bistrot logo.png

I haven’t visited this Italian cat cafe yet, but I would be remiss not to mention it as the name is admittedly, very cool.

I’m looking forward to visiting soon!

Honorable Mention

Papa’s Cat Cafe: Columbia, MO, USA

Not just the author of beloved classics, Ernest Hemingway was also a cat lover and famously kept polydactyl (more than five toes) companions at his home in Key West, Florida. Hemingway, also nicknamed Papa, and his tropical home are also the design inspiration behind the cat room at Papa’s, making it one of the coolest themed cafes I’ve visited during my travels on ‘cats and coffee’ circuit.

Meow or Never: Las Vegas, NV, USA

An artful ‘call-to-action’ for prospective adopters plus a link to the man most closely associated with the city, I can’t help but hum like Elvis when I see this cafe’s name.

Temari no Ouchi: Tokyo, Japan

I realize the name isn’t funny in Japanese (simply put, Temari House), but the English version is. Once you visit this unique cat cafe, designed like the set of The Hobbit, it’s certainly not one you will every forget.

Mewsic Kitty: Nashville, TN, USA

Music City = Mewsic Kitty. Cute AND cool.

affoGATO: Cleveland, OH, USA

I haven’t visited yet, but I love the ingenuity of combining the Spanish name for cat with the yummy Italian dessert (vanilla gelato topped with hot espresso).

Mauhaus: St. Louis, MO, USA

Considering St. Louis’ significant German heritage, this name is perfectly placed, which is very cool.