Catmosphere cafe: Chiang Mai, Thailand


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Address: 233/5 Huay Kaew Road, Chiang Mai, Thailand

Phone:  +66 92 273 1011

Hours:  Daily 10:00 - 20:00

Entrance Fee:  No


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Facebook: @catmospherecafe

Twitter:  Sydney location only

Instagram:  Sydney location only

Cat vs Cafe (70/30)


Blast Into Cuteness:  Review of Catmosphere

With two locations in Sydney and Chiang Mai, this well-run business strikes a great balance between cat and cafe.  It's slightly outside of the main tourist area on Nimman, near Chiang Mai University, but worth the 30 minute walk (or short tuk-tuk/songtheaw ride) east from Maya Mall.

Catmosphere has rules to ensure the health and welfare of the cats, including no children under the age of 5, no shoes inside and hands must be washed.  After a quick wash up and change into slippers, we were seated immediately, but later noticed people waiting outside for a free table, which is not surprising considering it was a Sunday.  This is because the cafe caps the number of patrons allowed inside to 15.

Interior-wise, it was clean with lots of toys and cat climbing platforms, while seating is relatively comfortable with cushions on the floor and short tables. 

The cats, even the pedigreed divas, were surprisingly active considering it was the afternoon (prime napping time).  They delighted the patrons (including several children) by chasing toy mice and playing 'hide and seek' in boxes and bags.  All of the cats appeared healthy and happy, although many were on the shy side and didn't care to be petted.

We ordered two coffees and a piece of cake (316 baht/$9.14) that were of very good quality and delivered by efficient and polite staff.

Overall, Catmosphere is very nice place to visit.  With good food service and some very pretty cats, it makes for a great afternoon out. 

Date Visited:  2/26/17

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