Mog On The Tyne: NewCastle, UK


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Address: 24 Pudding Chare, Newcastle upon Tyne NE1 1UE, UK

Phone:  +44 7470 262685

Hours: Tue-Fri 11:00-19:00,Sat/Sun 11:00-15:00, 16:00-19:00, Closed Mon

Entrance Fee:  £5 per person


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Website / Social Media


Facebook:  @newcastlecatcafe


Twitter:   @mogonthetyne

Cat vs Cafe (60/40)


Mognificent: Review of Mog On The Tyne

Katie is exactly the type of person you hope to meet when visiting a cat cafe.

While I almost always get warm fuzzies from the kitties, I don't always experience the same from their human carers, but Katie is different. 

She was meant to own a cat cafe and I especially love how Mog on the Tyne matches up with her personality- a little bit quirky, a lot friendly and completely delightful!

We were lucky that we visited late morning on a weekday as it provided lots of time to chat with Katie and get the low-down on her cafe.  

In addition to having been open for three years, one of the first in the UK, eight cats are currently in residence, all rescues, including cuties Gary, Gladys and Gizmo.  However, I couldn't help being smitten by Stan.  He was hit by a car which broke his jaw, causing his tongue to permanently stick out, but rather than being a negative, it has made him one of the most popular cats in town!  Katie knows her charges well and rehomes any moggies (a popular term for a cat in the UK) that aren't loving the cafe environment.  Her compassion for felines is so great, there is a project in the works to rescue two special needs cats from Thailand!

In between helping out with treat time and chatting about all things cat cafe, we also managed to order a latte, tea, sandwich and brownie.  They were all lovely, but the brownie was especially delicious!

Near the end of our time, we learned about all the events that they host- craft nights, game nights, etc.  

It wasn't until after our visit that our friends in Peterborough pointed out how the name 'Mog on the Tyne' (Newcastle is situated on the Tyne River) is a play on the popular song by Lindisfarne, Fog on the Tyne.  Being American, I missed it completely, but somehow it was fitting that I discovered yet another reason to love Mog on the Tyne.

With Katie and her kitties, you never know what surprises will be in store. 

Date Visited:  11/8/17