The Cat Cafes of Denver, Phoenix & Salt Lake City (Western USA)

The cat cafes in the western United States serve up some of the warmest service in the world.

Americans are known for being friendly and animal lovers tend to be compassionate souls, but the owners of La Gattara in Phoenix, Denver Cat Company in Denver and Tinker’s Cat Cafe in Salt Lake City are in a kindness league of their own. providing patrons with unforgettable experiences. I found my visits to be downright magical.

The Cat Cafes of Ohio

When you consider all four of Ohio’s cat cafes together, the state might not just have some of the best in the US, but the world.

All of these feline emporiums- Gem City Catfe in Dayton, Kitty Brew Cat Cafe in Mason, AffoGATO Cat Cafe in Cleveland and Eat, Purr, Love in Columbus- are delightfully unique, but have one commonality beyond facilitating adoptions for rescue cats.

They all deliver a top-quality experience.

The Cat Cafes of Missouri & NW Arkansas

I recently moved to the Kansas City, Missouri area as I’m putting my global travels briefly on pause to rejoin the working world and refill ye olde travel coffers.

While I’ve slowed my pace on the international cat cafe circuit, I’m making up for it domestically by hitting up as many cafes I can within driving distance. I’m lucky that Missouri has so many fine options, including one right here in KC!

The Cat Cafes of Poland

Poland is a country with much to offer on the traveler circuit. A youthful and industrious spirit dominates with lots of music, art and delicious food- plus enough activities to keep you occupied for weeks.

I know this because I spent eight days in Poland- four each in Krakow and Warsaw- and found so much to love that I was completely captivated and genuinely sad to leave.

I was also charmed by the country’s three cat cafes, all featuring stray rescue cats.

The Cat Cafes of Eastern Europe & the Baltics: Part I

As a traveler, I have found Europe to be amongst the best places in the world to visit. All the things we travel for: history, culture and food abound and simply wandering its streets makes one feel so enlightened and positively civilized.

As a budget traveler, however, Europe presents a challenge. Such refinement comes at a cost and makes Europe, especially Western Europe an expensive destination. Eastern Europe and the Baltics offer all of the charm, plus better affordability.

This includes the cat cafes.