Temari No Ouchi: tokyo, Japan


Contact Information

Address: 〒180-0004 Tōkyō, Musashino-shi, 吉祥寺本町Kichijōji Honchō, 2 Chome−13−14

Phone:  +81 422-23-5503

Hours: Mon-Sun 10:00 - 21:00

Entrance Fee:Y1200 M-F, Y1600 S-S, Y700 after 7 (drinks extra)


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Website / Social Media

Website: temarinoouchi.com

Facebook: @catcafe.temarinoouchi

Instagram: tokotokozakkaten

Twitter: @temarinoouchi


Cat vs Cafe (60/40)


Hobbit House:  Review of Temari no Ouchi

The fantasy is back.

Just when I thought that Caturday was going to take the title for the most creative cat cafe, along comes the fairy tale that is Temari no Ouchi.

It's not difficult to forget reality as you sip a coffee in this pint sized cat village.  With decor best described as belonging in a hobbit house, Temari no Ouchi (Temari's House) provides a destination experience that will leave you smiling.  

Billed as a relaxation space, the price to enter the cafe is steep, even by Tokyo standards.  One hour will set you back Y1200 ($10.97) on the weekdays or Y1600 ($14.62) on the weekend-- which doesn't include food and drinks.

It was already crowded when I arrived around 11 on a Monday morning, and was seated near the back on a bench that was made to look like faux wood.  This did provide me a good vantage point to observe the activities in progress.  The kitties (approximately twelve) were quite active, either scampering randomly around patrons seated on the floor at small tables or racing back and forth as they chased toys wielded by the friendly, uniformed staff.  In any case, the atmosphere was festive and it seemed focused on entertainment vs. a quiet place to sip coffee and work on your laptop.  

I've never heard a cat pant like a dog before, but one racing kitty did just that as he rested near me-- complete with mouth open and tongue hanging out.  These fur babies certainly had lots of personality, although many resisted being petted so definitely not a lap cat place.  

I had five cat cafes to visit on this particular day, so with the steep entry fee, I did not order food or beverage.  However, most of the patrons did have a drink and a few also had a meal, all of which looked good.  The cafe has an extensive menu of hot and cold drinks, meals with pasta or rice and cakes and sweets.

With a fun environment, playful cats and decent foodservice, Temari no Ouchi is a great place to visit, especially on vacation.  Be warned that it is exceedingly popular and reservations are recommended unless you go first thing on a weekday morning like I did.  

Date Visited:  6/5/17