Vancouver, British Columbia


Calgary, Alberta

Regal Cat Cafe

Edmonton, Alberta

Cat Cafe on Whyte

Paws the Cat Cafe

Red Deer, Alberta

Alley Cat Cafe

Winnipeg, Manitoba

Miss J La's Fur Babies Cat Cafe & Adoption Centre

Montreal, Quebec

Le Café des Chats

Café Chat l'heureaux

Cafe Venosa

Quebec City, Quebec

Ma Langue Aux Chat Café Felin

Guelph, Ontario

My Kitty Cafe

Kingston, Ontario

Southpaw Cat Cafe

Ottawa, Ontario

Feline Cafe

Port Hope, Ontario

Toe Beans Cat Cafe (TBD)

Toronto, Ontario

Tot the Cat Café- CLOSED

Meow Cat Café

Regina, Saskatchewan

Excalipurr Cat Cafe

VegaBoo Cat Haven