Calgary, Alberta

Regal Cat Cafe

Edmonton, Alberta

Cat Cafe on Whyte

Paws the Cat Cafe

Red Deer, Alberta

Alley Cat Cafe

Vancouver, British Columbia


Catoro Cafe

Winnipeg, Manitoba

Miss J La's Fur Babies Cat Cafe & Adoption Centre

St. John’s, Newfoundland

Mad Catter Cat Cafe

Guelph, Ontario

My Kitty Cafe

Kingston, Ontario

Southpaw Cat Cafe- CLOSED

Ottawa, Ontario

Feline Cafe

Port Hope, Ontario

Toe Beans Cat Cafe

Toronto, Ontario

Tot the Cat Café- CLOSED

Meow Cat Café

Chelsea, Quebec

Cafe Chat Siberian CLOSED

Montreal, Quebec

Le Café des Chats- CLOSED

Café Chat l'heureaux

Cafe Venosa- CLOSED

Quebec City, Quebec

Ma Langue Aux Chat Café Felin

Regina, Saskatchewan

Excalipurr Cat Cafe

VegaBoo Cat Haven