BaristaCats Katzencafe: Berlin, Germany


Contact Information

Address:  Malchower Weg 68, 13053 Berlin

Phone:  +49 176 79835639

Hours: Sun-Thu 13:00 - 19:00, F/S 13:00 - 21:00, Closed Tues

Entrance Fee: No



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Facebook:  @baristacatsberlin



Cat vs Cafe (50/50)


A Bit Far, But Close to My Heart:  Review of BaristaCats

The day I visited BaristaCats the weather was unusually sunny and warm.

Funny, because it mirrored my experience in this adorable place.

BaristaCats is a lovely facility that looks brand new and has a wonderfully cheerful and cozy atmosphere, including outdoor seating that both humans and cats can access.  

Speaking of cat, there are six kitties, all rescues, all of which are quite sociable and playful.  We particularly enjoyed watching Mateo, a sweet ginger and Mokka, a friendly black cat wrestle each other.

Known for specialty drinks and we ordered a 'Cold Cat' ice cream concoction and housemade lemonade for €8.40 ($10.00 USD), both of which were beautiful in presentation and taste.  They also serve a variety of snacks and desserts.

The staff are friendly and kind, but more importantly, they are cat lovers who know them well and monitor them for any signs of distress.

Overall, BaristaCats exceeds expectations in all departments and is well worth the effort to get there. Compared to Pee Pees and Zur Mieze, BaristaCats is well outside the city core, but there are a couple of ways to get there via public transit.  

Going there, we chose to take the S5 (S-Bahn) for the great views of the main tourist areas in central Berlin, then made a change at Ostkreuz for the S-75, exited at Hohenschonhausen and then walked the remaining distance, which is just under a mile.  For our ride back, we took the M4 tram (Hansastrasse stop) all the way back into town which is more direct and only a quarter mile walk down Malchower from the cafe.

Date Visited:  9/10/17

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