4Rest Showroom & Cafe: SEoul, South Korea

Contact Information

Address: 2F, 33, Dongmak-ro 3-gil, Mapo-gu
Seoul, Korea 04044

Phone:  +82 10-4477-8224

Hours: Mon-Sun 12:00 - 22:00

Entrance Fee:  None



Website / Social Media

Website: 4rest_cat.blog.me

Facebook: @4restSandC

Instagram: None

Twitter:  None

Cat vs Cafe (50/50)


Supermodels:  Review of 4Rest Showroom & Cafe

**July, 2019 UPDATE: 4Rest is now closed

I've seen a lot of cats in my travels.  Well over 1000 at last count, but these cats are among the most gorgeous I have ever laid eyes on.

So fluffy and lovely they make you feel nervous.  You want them to like you, but you almost don't dare hope.

My partner and I happened upon this amazing cafe quite by accident walking home from visiting four other nearby Hongdae cat cafes.   A sign caught the corner of my eye and I turned to face a handsome cat beckoning me to come visit.

I ran upstairs immediately.

Inside, the friendly owner greeted us, but I didn't see any cats in the front room.  After placing an order for a two lattes (8000 won/$7.12), we walked to the other room and saw about ten beauties (including two baby kittens) chilling out across three small rooms with glass doors.  The owner opened up one and let four kitties out where they proceeded to preen and prance around for us.

These cats were no strangers to the art of flirting.

The cafe itself is handsome- sleek and spare, but nicely complemented by warm wood and rustic furniture.  The quirky collections featured around the room keep it unique and interesting, as if you could possibly be bored in this Mount Olympus of feline gods and goddesses.  They entertained us for two hours before we finally dragged ourselves away. 

The drinks were excellent and the cafe also serves decadent desserts, so seeing as the cats aren't the only indulgence here, go ahead and splurge.  Once you arrive in Hongdae (via Hapjeong metro/Line 2 & 6 or Hongik University/Line 2), I predict you will be here for many hours and need the sustenance. 

4Rest Showroom & Cafe tops the list of best cat cafes in Seoul, check out the full list here.  

3/7/18 UPDATE:  Google maps do not work very well in South Korea, thus the cafe is not 'findable' when using the search function.  The address above is correct and the former name of the space was Zephyros Cafe, so when you use street view on Google maps, that is what shows up.  They now have an updated phone, Facebook page and blog, which I added above.  Thanks to lovely reader, Jing, who alerted me to this during his recent cat cafe visits in Seoul.  

Date Visited:  5/22/17