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Address: 556 Mt Pleasant Rd, Toronto, ON M4S 2M6, Canada

Phone:  +1 647-560-6272

Hours: M-F 11-20:00, S/S 11-18:00, Closed T

Entrance Fee:  None, drink purchase required


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Facebook: @MeowCatCafeToronto

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Cat vs Cafe (75/25)


Canadian Meow With a Touch of Seoul: Review of Meow Cat Cafe

When I heard there was a Korean-style cat cafe in Toronto, I was immediately transported to Seoul and the ten feline emporiums I visited in May, 2017.  My experiences there were diverse, ranging from sad to magnificent (4Rest. one of my all-time favorites!) and so I was left wondering 'What constitutes a Korean-style cat cafe?'

In thinking back, they all had a similar set-up- a guest pays a fee for one hour in the company of mostly pedigreed furballs that are permanent residents, and also includes a drink.  I found the cats at these cafes to be a bit 'over it' in terms sociability, except Y Cat Cafe, and the staff fairly hands-off, except for Cat Cafe Attic Cat where the hosts were particularly engaging and friendly.  

Korea still on my mind, we arrived at Meow's midtown Toronto location, a cool area with independent shops and eateries, shortly after 11:00 am.  We were promptly greeted and ordered two coffees in lieu of an entrance fee, the same as it is done in Seoul. 

Waiting for our beverages, we settled in the back room, a small yet pleasantly cozy space with colorful accents and upbeat K-pop music.  In addition to the back seating area, there is a retail space and a half-walled section that houses the host station/coffee prep area.

There are six felines in residence, all diverse in appearance, from several short-haired cuties ranging from white to black to tabby and calico, to a gorgeous long-haired silver Maine Coon.  The cats were friendly and curious with some, like Coco the Calico delighting us with a little lap time.

Later, I chatted with Erica, the owner of Meow Cat Cafe which opened in October, 2016.  A life-long cat lover, the kitties are hers.  As is the case in Korea, these cats are not available for adoption and come to work with her every day. 

We spent just over an hour sipping our beverages and playing with the cats before departing.  The cafe was beginning to fill with patrons, including a mom with her young son who stared at the kitty on my lap with such longing, I felt guilty hogging all the cuddles to myself!

The atmosphere, beverages and service are agreeable, however the outgoing personalities of the cats make Meow Cat Cafe stand out!  Worth the visit.  

Date Visited:  1/4/18