Table A Cat Cafe II: SEoul, South Korea

Contact Information

Address: 162-17 Wausan-ro, Donggyo-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul

Phone:  +82 70-7764-5542

Hours: Tue-Sun 12:00 - 22:00; closed Mondays

Entrance Fee:  None


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Website: None

Facebook: @tablea2nd

Instagram: None

Twitter:  None

Cat vs Cafe (40/60)


Table A: Part II:  Review of Table A Cat Cafe II

According to Google maps, there is only one Table A Cat Cafe and this is it.

But don't believe everything you see on Google, because there are two other Table A locations which are fortunately better options.

We set out for this destination walking through the cool neighborhoods of Hongdae near Hongik University (Line 2).  Universities are great locations for cat cafes as most students are not in a position to own a cat, plus they spend a lot of time in cafes drinking coffee and studying. We passed not one, but TWO additional Table A locations on Wausan-ro, but kept our plan to hit this one first.  Upon arrival, we discovered it was closed on Monday's despite the Google information showing it open 7 days/week.  

We visited the other two destinations with Table A I proving to be the superior location- spacious, sunny, clean with plenty of fur babies, while Table A III was very small (and a bit smelly) but had a decent atmosphere.

I returned to the original location later that week.  Upon entering, I could see it was small like Table A III, but with much less personality.  It was cluttered, dark and not particularly cozy with lots of bare concrete and hard surfaces.  It looked as though it may have been in the process of being remodeled.  As is the case for all Table A's, there is no entrance fee, rather you order a slightly more expensive drink from the barista, a solemn guy who did make me a decent latte which I sipped while observing the kitties.   

There were six cats roaming around, as well as a seventh who was locked up and meowing pitifully.  They weren't overly friendly, but there was one playful kitten who entertained a couple at a table nearby.   

Perhaps expectations were high having to make a return visit, but overall, I was disappointed in this location and would recommend visiting the Table A at 146 Wausan-ro for better atmosphere and more cats.


Date Visited:  5/25/17