MY kitty Cafe:  Guelph, ON, CANADA


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Address: 117 Wyndham St N, Guelph, ON N1H 4E9

Phone:  +1 226-979-5775

Hours: Mon-Sat 7:30-22:00, Sun 9:00-19:00

Entrance Fee:  $5/$3 with food/drink purchase


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Facebook: @mykittycafe

Instagram:  mykittycafe

Twitter: @wyndhamvariety

Cat vs Cafe (50/50)


The Best People in the World: Review of My Kitty Cafe

The day we visited My Kitty Cafe, it was the coldest cat cafe outing we ever had, but also the warmest we've felt afterwards.

Canadians are known to be friendly, but these Ontario cat lovers are some of the best people on earth!

I knew it was going to be a great visit because the second we opened the door, we were greeted with a  cheerful 'hello'!  We joked around with the host as she collected our 'catmission', which is $5/person or $3/person with any purchase.  The menu looked amazing, including several Korean dishes available for lunch, but as it was only 10 am, we decided to order two coffees and a split an enormous cinnamon roll that was so yummy, it reminded me the ones my grandmother made for me as a kid in northern Minnesota.

We were the only guests in the cattery when we arrived, except for Paul, the friendly volunteer cat staffer and eleven sweet kitties, all rescues from Purrfect Companions of Norfolk County, a short distance from Guelph and 45 minutes from Toronto.  A few of the cats were a bit shy, just starting to trust humans while others were incredibly social and curious, and some, to our delight, downright mischievous!!  They have found forever homes for over 400 cats since opening two years ago.  

Paul, a retiree, introduced us to the cats while giving us more info on the cafe, the first in Ontario, that also houses a pet supply store called Wyndham Variety.  We spent the next hour watching the cats frolic and even got to pet a few, including Wilson, a playful tabby and Destine, an affectionate black kitty.

The cattery is well designed, cat friendly and vertical, taking advantage of the high ceilings with lots of wall perches, tunnels and a bridge.  All of this elevation is anchored by an enormous cat tree cleverly carpeted to look like bark and filled with of plenty of compartments for shy kitties.

It was so much fun, we had to tear ourselves away, but on the way out were able to meet the owner, Min Kim, a super nice guy with an infectious smile.  He is famed for his love of cats and ability to whip up the amazingly delicious Korean specialties served in the cafe.

At the cafe counter with Paul, Mr. Kim and the host (apologies I didn't catch her name!) we had a great conversation about cats, cat cafes and travel, laughing, joking and bonding over our mutual love of felines.  Finally, exchanging our last goodbyes and well wishes, we set off into the frigid temperatures, warmed by the kindness of strangers that had suddenly become friends.  

Date Visited:  1/3/18

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