The Cats Tea Room:  Hong Kong


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Address: Tsuen Wan, Tai Ho Rd, 47th Floor, Tree House 45

Phone:  +852 2149 6261

Hours:  Daily 13:30 - 23:00

Entrance Fee:  No


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Website:  none

Facebook:  @thecatstearoom

Instagram:  @catstearoom

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Cat vs Cafe (50/50)


A Room With a View:  Review of The Cats Tea Room

Located a bit outside Kowloon in Tsuen Wan neighborhood, at the end of the red line, The Cats Tea Room is worth the travel effort. 

First, there are so many beautiful cats.  I counted over thirty, and while that would normally cause me a bit of concern, the space is so large that it seemingly did not affect the equilibrium.  The space is set up to encourage the kitties to engage with you with plenty of small, low tables on the floor with pillows to sit on.

The food service was decent and so is the room, which isn't posh, but is bright and clean save for a hint of cattiness.   My advice is to come here strictly for the cats.  With all breeds and personalities in attendance, you are certain to find a favorite.  Mine was a blue-eyed Siamese with the sweetest temperament, but I also feel in love with cream colored Maine Coon that was so big, I thought he had a bit of a recessive lion gene going on.

Some cats were not particularly social, but most were affectionate with some even climbing into the laps of patrons, to their delight.

I would like to give a shout-out to the staff, who are friendly, and the day I visited, so were the patrons.  We shared goofy grins and took turns taking each others photos, including one sweet little girl with her mother.  She appeared to be about 2 or 3 years old and she had mittens on her hands which were meant to keep her interactions with the cats (like my little Siamese buddy) gentle.  Genius!

The cafe also has partnered with the Stray Cat Home Association and appears to have some rescues in permanent residence.  They also promote rescue and adoption with patrons, which is not common in Hong Kong.  Only one other cat cafe, Plum Cats featured rescue cats and promoted adoption.

Consider supporting these cat cafes for the good work they do in promoting animal welfare as well as having a great time with the kitties!

Date Visited:  5/5/18

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