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Address: Room 3, 14th Floor, Cheng Yun Industrial Building, 15-17 Shing Yip Street, Kwun Tong

Phone:  +852 9128 7239

Hours:  Tue-Sun 12:15 - 22:00, Closed Mon

Entrance Fee:  None


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Facebook:  @PlumHouseCat2012

Instagram:  @plumhousecats

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Cat vs Cafe (50/50)


Plum House Cat Cafe:  Review of Plum House Cat Cafe

The cat cafes of Hong Kong were filled with unique and interesting experiences- and Plum House Cat Cafe was no exception.

One of the only cat cafes to feature kitties rescued from the streets, Plum House provides a heartwarming change of pace in the cat cafe scene.

Located in the Kwun Tong neighborhood, east of Kowloon Bay, the area is filled with malls and office towers. I had no trouble finding the Cheng Yun building, but difficulty in identifying the entrance- try the back in the garage area and take the elevators up to the 14th floor (Room 1403).

Inside, the cafe was small and simple, a tad bit cluttered (with boxes and toys for the cats) but also cute and very clean. Three couples occupied the six tables, eating delicious looking food and sipping on tea and coffee drinks while French music (La Vie En Rose) played softly overhead.

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I was seated with a smile by the friendly owners, a husband and wife team that are, as you can expect being animal welfare advocates, kind and generous people. The menu has photos for those of us without Mandarin skills and I was able to easily order a latte and lemon tart before I turned my attention towards the cats.

Speaking of the kitties, the cafe houses 13, although only seven were in the room the day I visited. Mostly tabbies, they ranged from social lap seekers to shy under table hiders. They are well-loved and cared for with plenty of boxes and toys for them to enjoy. Their names and faces are listed on a board in Chinese characters, although I was able to ascertain one was names Hong Dau, aka Red Bean.

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My coffee and dessert were beautifully presented and delicious. I was able to chat with the owners in between bites, determining they had been open for about seven years and that they rescued all their cats from the streets, an uncommon practice in Hong Kong where pets are usually purchased from a shop.

After my snack, I spent a happy hour petting several sweet fur babies before I made my way to Kwun Tong metro station for the ride back to Hong Kong Island.

Overall, I recommend seeking out Plum House Cats if you are on the east side of Hong Kong and in need of a relaxing, cat-centric break from the pulsing action of the city. Friendly service and delicious food are sure to be on offer, with the added benefit of supporting rescue animals.

Date Visited:  5/6/18

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