Location Cats & Snacks: Port Orange, FL


Contact Information

Address: 5513 S Williamson Blvd Suite 211, Port Orange, FL 32128

Phone:  (386) 317-2633

Hours: Tue-Sat 11:00-19:00, Sun-Mon 12:00-16:00

Entrance Fee:  $5/60 minutes 



Website / Social Media

Website:  locationcatautomat.com

Facebook: @locationcats

Instagram:  locationscatsandsnacks

Twitter:  @catautomat

Cat vs Cafe (80/20)


Photo-cat-ic:  Review of Location Cats & Snacks

I've met a lot of photogenic cats in my world travels, but never so many in one location. 

Perhaps that's why it's called Location Cats & Snacks? 

My visit to this Port Orange cat emporium coincided with a catch up with my Jacksonville-based BFF Traci, who must have enjoyed her first cat cafe experience (Pounce in Charleston) as she agreed to do it again, this time closer to home.  

We were greeted by the friendly and knowledgeable host, and after the usual administration (pay, rundown of rules, sanitize hands) entered the cat room

I was impressed by the lovely space with gray wooden floors and walls serving as a perfect backdrop for the bright pops of color in the furnishings and cat wall perches.  The room is kitty-centric with plenty of cat equipment and toys, but I especially loved the glass catwalk near the ceiling which allows you to capture some spectacular #catonglass photos.  

Speaking of photos, I was busy during my visit as everywhere I turned was a cat posing like a seasoned supermodel.  Normally, I get one 'Cat Of The Day' photo from each cat cafe I visit, but in the case of Location Cats & Snacks, may I present the following collection of photogenic feline goodness?

There were 23 cats in residence the day I visited, which is a bit more than the 15-20 they usually house.  Despite being open for only seven months, they had facilitated 92 adoptions via rescue partner Halifax Humane Society.  According to the staff, the average stay at the cat cafe is two-three weeks, although some have been adopted in one day while some black cats, unfortunately, can take as long as five months.  PS.  Contrary to superstitions, both ancient and modern, black cats have nothing to do with bad luck and they photograph beautifully.

Some of my favorites included Emma, a pretty gray and white, Tinkerbell, an adorable tabby and Molly Sue, a sweet black cat.  Then, there's Momma, the resident cat and muse for the shop's awesome merchandise that also paid Miss Traci a personal visit.

Location Cats & Snacks has avoided the term 'cat cafe' due to city regulations around food and drink prep.  Instead, they have employed a genius system of high tech vending machines that dispense a variety of beverages, snacks and frozen treats featuring unique desserts by local artisans Mochi ice cream and Sugarbelle cookies.  Keurig coffee is also available for $2.

I can't say enough about the friendly and welcoming staff, and I was lucky to meet one of the owners, Marilyn on my way out.  We spoke about the various events and activities they have held, including arts & crafts (make your own cat toy), yoga and movie night.  She and her business partner Colleen have done a magnificent job creating a beautiful, communal space for humans and cats to gather and be photographed. 

But don't take my word for it.  Visit Location Cats and Snacks for yourself and see how a picture is worth a thousand words, or at least a thousand likes on Instagram.  

Date Visited:  2/15/18

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