Pounce Cat Cafe + Wine Bar: Charleston, South Carolina, USA


Contact Information

Address: 283 Meeting St, Charleston, SC 29401, USA

Phone:  +1 843-212-5500

Hours:  Thurs-Tues 11:00 - 20:00

Entrance Fee: $15/hour



Website / Social Media

Website: pouncecatcafe.com

Facebook:  @pouncecatcafe

Instagram: pouncecatcafe

Twitter:  @pouncecatcafe

Cat vs Cafe (60/40)


Kitten Heaven: Review of Pounce Cat Cafe + Wine Bar

I hadn't been to an all-kitten cat cafe before, but it is as much giddy-induced fun as you think it would be.

With beautiful beaches and a substantial historic district, Charleston, South Carolina was a sought-after tourist destination long before this popular cat cafe came on the scene.   So when I suggested it to my BFF as the spot for our girls weekend, she happily agreed, unaware of my feline motivations.  Since they also serve wine, I figured she could at least have a drink if she wasn't in the mood for the kitties.

Consider her another successful cat cafe convert.

I had booked our appointment online and paid the $15/person/hour fee in advance.  While a hefty sum for an hour, it did include a glass of wine.  

When we arrived, we were escorted into the wine bar, which is separate from the cat area but still viewable from large windows.  There were sixteen of us for the 3 pm reservation and we were provided standard rules around sanitation (wash your hands) and cat consideration (don't chase or use flash photography).  The 2 pm group departed and the doors to kitty heaven were opened. 

There were 36 kittens the day that we visited, a high number as a result of the recent breeding season, but this meant there was more than enough playful cuties to go around.  The atmosphere was unbelievably cheerful with so much cooing and squealing, that I couldn't help but sit back and let the happiness wash over me.  Some people had kittens sleeping in their laps, while others dangled feathers for the babes to chase, but it was all very lively.

The cat room is a modern and comfortable space with exposed white brick, dark wood floors and cozy shearling throws.  The bar area is nice as well, with a pleasant chicness that is kept in cheeky balance by the cat-themed gear for sale.  Apart from the standard glass of wine that comes with your reservation, there are premium wines, craft beers, coffee drinks and pastries available for purchase.

Clearly whatever they are doing is working because there were many people that stopped in only to be politely turned away.    The cafe is consistently full, so reservations are necessary.  Also of note is that Pounce has the highest adoption rate for any cat cafe in the country.  When we visited in July, the number was 341, but since then 550 cats have found forever homes since the opened in December 2016.  I second the website's exclamation me-WOW!  

Pounce doesn't always host all-kitten days, but if you find yourself in the area, I strongly encourage you to make it a priority to visit.  

Date Visited:  7/16/17