You & Meow:  Bristol, UK


Contact Information

Address: 22 Denmark St, Bristol BS1 5DQ, UK

Phone:  none

Hours: Mon-Fri 12-19:15,Sat/Sun 11-18:15,Clsd Wed

Entrance Fee:  £5/hr adult, £3/hr child (over 10)


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Website / Social Media


Facebook: @youandmeow

Instagram:  youandmeowcafe

Twitter: @youandmeowcafe

Cat vs Cafe (70/30)


Meow Right: Review of You & Meow

I usually take tons of pictures when I visit cat cafes, because cats are hard to photograph and you need to take A LOT of photos to find a few usable ones.  

I didn't take many photos at You & Meow, but I got something way better-- an in-depth visit with Ewa, the owner.  As a cat cafe fanatic, it was incredibly exciting to speak with someone who is as into it as I am.  

Ewa had previously worked at a cat cafe in London before deciding to open one in Bristol with its strong emphasis on independent businesses.  Her location on Denmark Street is perfect amidst cool and youthful bars, shops and restaurants- You & Meow fits right in.  

When I visited, You & Meow had been open for eight months and the atmosphere was quite calm and tranquil, resembling a Japanese Zen Garden, but Ewa wants to further evolve the cafe into an experience focused on mindfulness and wellness with classes and special healing rooms.  Not only does this approach set it apart from other cat cafes, but truly reflects Ewa's passion and personality.  

The kitties (all rescues, twelve in total) seem to enjoy this chill vibe and are quite social and friendly.  Impish ginger Noel entertained guests by running around while sweet Thomas took a cat nap on my lap.  

I was very impressed with the quality of my pumpkin spice cake and tea, which was elegantly presented.  My partner had a latte with the foam decorated as a jack-o-lantern.  The attention to detail and small touches really help You & Meow stand out.  Even the toilets are pretty and smell amazing!

I was really impressed with You & Meow and Ewa's commitment to helps cats and people.  With its unique atmosphere and great service, this top notch cat cafe would be a winner in the middle of nowhere, but considering its also in the cool, independent-minded Bristol city center, I suggest you make your way there asap! 

Date Visited:  10/31/17