Tiny Lions Lounge:  Ann Arbor, MI


Contact Information

Address: 5245 Jackson Rd a1, Ann Arbor, MI 48103

Phone:  +1 (734) 661-3530

Hours: Tue-Sun 10:00 - 19:00; closed M

Entrance Fee:  $7/hour, $4/30 minutes



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Website / Social Media

Website:  tinylions.org

Facebook: @tinylionscatcafe

Instagram: tinylionscatcafe

Twitter: @HSHV


Cat vs Cafe (70/30)


Lion Kings:  Review of Tiny Lions Lounge & Adoption Center

If there was one take away from my Michigan cat cafe visits, it is (without a doubt), the home of some of the biggest-hearted cat lovers on the planet.

Take, for example, Tiny Lions Lounge & Adoption Center.

When I walked through the door of on that warm and cloudy summer day, I knew I had entered a place of kindred spirits.

First, two lovely ladies manning the front desk greeted me with hearty hellos and smiles. Volunteers of the Humane Society of Huron Valley (HSHV), the ran down the lounge rules, including the fact that beverages from the coffee shop next door, Biggby Coffee, were strongly encouraged. I literally ran across the lobby Tiny Lions shares with Biggby and collected a precious cup of joe, which I savored almost as much as my kitty time.

I spent my first fifteen minutes up at the front desk because I was having such a nice visit with the ladies, but also because they were holding two sweet babies that needed extra cuddles. Abby, an older tabby girl had a sad face, but eagerly rubbed her head into my hand when I came over to say hi. Algonac, a shy black and white boy with whiskers that looked like a droopy mustache was busy making biscuits on the arm of the other volunteer.

I discovered that this outpost of the HSHV has had an astounding 18,000 visitors and 600 adoptions in the two years they have been open.

I’m certain the comfortable and spacious facility has something to do with their popularity. The colorful walls are filled with climbing shelves, sleeping boxes and inspiring quotes. There are plentiful tables, chairs and cozy couches to commune with the kitties. Located about five miles west of Ann Arbor, just off I-94, the strip mall location also offers the aforementioned advantage of having a Biggby Coffee next door, something I think would help drive foot traffic for many cat cafes.

The large space means more room for more cats. There were seventeen sweet babies in residence that day, including a group named after Michigan cities: Clemens, Clinton, Houghton and, of course, Algonac. I met Clinton in the conference room (they have space available for meetings) and laughed with the other patron in the room as he flirted shamelessly by rolling over and giving us adorable expressions.

‘He’s working hard to find a forever home,’ I said to the young woman. Here eyes sparkled as she replied excitedly ‘I came in just to look around, but think I’ve found the one!’

In the back room, I played with Miss Kitty for nearly half an hour. An energetic young tabby that had been abandoned by her owners, she relished the attention as she chased the red pom pom trailing behind me. Charlie, who looked like Miss Kitty’s older brother, calmly enjoyed the show from his fleece blanket kitty-loaf position. Berkley, a shy ginger, perched on top of the carpeted cat tree and warily surveyed the scene.

I just wanted to take them all home and love them forever.

My hour flew by as quickly as Miss Kitty chasing a red string. I said my goodbyes and as I opened the door, heard the voice of the patron from the meeting room, ‘I’d like to adopt Clinton….’

Date Visited:  6/12/18

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