The Windy Kitty:  Chicago, IL, USA


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Address: 1746 W North Ave, Chicago, IL 60622


Hours: W-Sa 10-1/3-6; Su 12-6; Closed M/T

Entrance Fee:  $14/hour



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Facebook: @windykittycatcafe

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Cat vs Cafe (90/10)


The Windy Kitty:  Review of The Windy Kitty

There are dedicated cat lovers and then there is Jenny.

She was ill the day we met, recovering from pneumonia and yet there she was, because the cats needed her.

The kitten nursery was open and a batch of babies had just arrived. There were vet runs to be made, and supplies that needed to be collected. Through it all, she had a smile on her face.

Jenny has been a lifelong animal lover and rescue advocate. Before opening The Windy Kitty, she was serving as a cat foster mama and kitten bottle feeder. After a fateful visit to Edinburgh and Mason de Moggy, she was determined to make her cat cafe vision come to life as an inclusive and relaxing place for cats on a quest to find a forever home.

Open only nine months when I visited, 59 adoptions had already taken place. It seems her vision is, indeed, a reality.

With the Chicago city flag as it’s logo and design inspiration, the space is cozy and welcoming. No foodservice was available the day of my visit, due to some confusion around zoning, but this has since changed.

On the cat side of things, there were 17 adults in residence the day of my visit. So many cuties to fill guests with delight like gentle calico Daffodil and former TNR ginger Chant, but my favorite was Taft, a young playful tabby with eyes that made me fall head-over-heels in love.

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But the kitten nursery is what sets The Windy Kitty apart. While it all sounds like a nonstop squee-fest, caring for abandoned newborn kittens is difficult, and often heartbreaking, work.

Despite the challenges, Jenny remains passionately committed to cat advocacy, stating that it’s ‘in her DNA’. She knows this is her path and has embraced it wholeheartedly. Her community of supporters are numerous, and I count myself among them. Her generosity and big heart infuse the cafe with a warmth and spirit that is infectious. No pneumonia pun intended!

Jenny and her staff are truly making a difference in the lives of Chicago’s felines. I encourage you to pay a visit to The Windy Kitty and help support her outstanding efforts!

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Date Visited:  9/26/18

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