The Cat Kingdom: Xian, China


Contact Information

Address: #56 XiangzimiaoJie, Nanmen Li 南门里湘子庙街56号

Phone: +86 (029) 8728 8631

Hours: Mon-Sun 11:00 - 23:00

Entrance Fee:  None


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Website / Social Media

Website:  None

Facebook: Not available in China

Instagram: Not available in China

Twitter:  Not available in China

Cat vs Cafe (40/60)


Championship Beauty:  Review of The Cat Kingdom

Talk about good looks.

Not only is this cafe beautifully decorated (with a hint of quirky, be sure and check out the celebrity cat photos in the toilet!), the felines are among the prettiest I have every laid eyes on.

The Cat Kingdom specializes in purebred show cats with a wall full of ribbons to prove it.  Not surprising, the kitties are more into being visually admired than enduring petting or lap sitting.  We happily obliged them as we sat in one of Cat Kingdom's three rooms, alone with our drinks and a couple of pedigreed divas.  There appeared to be about eight cats in the cafe, including an Exotic, Scottish Fold and American Curl.

The cafe serves a wide variety of drinks, including wine.  We ordered jasmine tea and hot chocolate, and both were excellent quality and value at 67 yuan ($9.71).

Certainly one of the more classy experiences we've had, this cafe is a good pick if you are looking for a bit more cafe than cat.  An easy entry into the world of cat cafes if you are a newbie.   

Date Visited:  4/7/17