The Cat In The Window:  Aberdeen, UK


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Address: 14 Netherkirkgate, Aberdeen AB10 1AU

Phone:  +44 1224 467557

Hours: Wed-Mon 9:45-19:30 (closed 14:30-16:00), closed Tue

Entrance Fee:  £5.50/hour adult,£3.50/hour child


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Facebook:  @thecatinthewindowcafe

Instagram:  The Cat in the Window Cafe


Cat vs Cafe (70/30)


Window Wonderland: Review of The Cat in the Window Cafe

The minute I entered The Cat in the Window Cafe, I knew I had found a winner.

Not that I give out awards, (hey, now that's an idea...) but if I did, this one would take the UK top prize.  

They excel is all the areas we rate here at The Neighbor's Cat.  A beautiful, feline-focused space.  Gorgeous cats with personality to spare.  Staff that are delightfully engaging.  Coffee and dessert that are incredibly tasty.  On this last point, you must understand that as the home of Spotted Dick, Trifle and other Sad-Excuses-For-Pudding, Britain is not known for deliciously decadent desserts and even if it was, I wouldn't expect to find it in Aberdeen.

Aberdeen, Scotland is decidedly 'out of the way' and my journey to The Cat in the Window was far from easy, but anyone that resolves to visit every cat cafe in the world had better have enough fortitude to take on a 14 hour travel day.  However, the long journey was quickly forgotten when I stepped in the door at 4 pm.  The cafe observes a 'cat nap' between 2:30 and 4 pm daily and because of this, I could literally feel the calm as the kitties began to stretch out of their sleeping spots and sniff the visitors.  

The cats, nine in total are a mixture of pedigreed and rescued.  I was particularly smitten with Drago, a handsome Asian Smoke, Napolean, a Persian pretty boy and Princess Pancake, an Exotic with impossibly soft fur.  These three were particularly social and curious the day I visited.  Interestingly, nearly all of the cats are two years old, the same age as the cafe.  They were raised together in order to foster a cohesive and well-socialized clowder, which in my view has been a successful strategy!

In between playing and eating, I simply enjoyed just sitting in the pretty and comfortable space with the dark floors nicely offset by warm wood, shearling throws and pink accents.  It would be the perfect place to catch up with a dear friend over tea.

Finally, I'd be remiss not to mention the lovely staff member that was working the day I visited.  My experience was greatly enhanced due to her warm welcome and it was clear how much she loved the cats as she told me stories about their various personalities.  

The Cat in the Window is a wonderful cat cafe and I highly recommend making the journey to Aberdeen to enjoy their fine Northern hospitality.  

Date Visited:  11/6/17