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Address: 2323 Hennepin Ave, Minneapolis, MN 

Phone:  +1 (612) 212-8471

Hours:  T-Th 11-21:00, F-Sa 9-21:00, Sun 10-18:00

Entrance Fee:  $10/hour



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Facebook:  @thecafemeow

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Cat vs Cafe (50/50)


Escapade:  Review of The Cafe Meow


My hometown for nearly 20 years, I had been anxious to get back for a visit after nearly two years of travel since most of my friends and family are still there. Now, I have another reason to make the trek up north- the Twin Cities’ first cat cafe, The Cafe Meow.

We arrived early for our Wednesday morning appointment, as we wanted to a chance to order coffee and visit with the staff. The cafe is located in the Uptown area of Minneapolis- an eclectic, urban neighborhood that was tailor-made for a cat cafe. I found the coffee side to be particularly lovely, bright and cheerful, and my Bootstrap coffee, from a specialty roaster in nearby St. Paul, to be outstanding.

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But we were here for the kitties, and there were 11 the day we visited, rescues courtesy of No Kitten Left Behind and Ruff Start.. Open since February 2018, they had facilitated 33 adoptions as of June, congratulations!

Inside the clean and cozy cat room, we were lucky to have a social and active bunch of felines that morning, with Franklin, a young silver tabby, providing much string chasing entertainment. I was particularly drawn to Miles, a sturdy tabby with a clipped ear- he seemed to hold a lot of wisdom from his time as a stray.

While the staff were pleasant and knowledgeable, I just seemed to bond with the other patrons that day. There was a strong community feeling in the room with lots of smiles as we pointed out to each other which kitties were hiding and which liked head scratches. We Minnesotans tend to be friendly lot and it was fun to share a mutual love of cats with others.

Overall, it was a lovely hour spent visiting with kitties and humans while sipping on a delicious cup of coffee- exactly what one hopes for during a visit to a cat cafe!

If you find yourself on an escapade to Minneapolis, be sure to put The Cafe Meow on your list.

Date Visited:  6/6/18

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