Table A Cat Cafe I : SEoul, SOuth Korea

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Address: 146 Wausan-ro, Mapu-gu, Seoul

Phone:  +82 70-7764-5542

Hours: Mon-Sun 12:00 - 22:00

Entrance Fee:  None


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Cat vs Cafe (50/50)


Table A: Part I:  Review of Table A Cat Cafe I 

Could cats and raccoons be the ideal combination?  

Of the three Table A cafes we visited, this one was my favorite and while the raccoons definitely added a certain je ne sais quoi, it was not the main reason I liked it so much.  Spacious, sunny, clean, great drinks and full of mischievous kitties, this is what a cat cafe should be.

We came across Table A One while seeking out Table A Two, which we thought was Table A One (the only site that shows up on Google), but regardless, I'm delighted that we found it.  

Seoul has a few animal cafes (puppy, owl and sheep, to name a few), but I had to do a double take when I saw the picture of a raccoon on the door.  After we ordered our drinks (two hot teas for 10,500 won/$9.22, but otherwise no entrance fee), I made my way downstairs where three raccoons played on a larger version of a hamster wheel behind a secure area away from the cats.  To be sure, they were super cute and playful, and while it's an interesting gimmick, I don't predict raccoon cafes will be overtaking cat cafes anytime soon.

Back upstairs, there was plenty of cozy nooks and comfortable seating which attracts a decent sit-down business of both locals and tourists that complements the brisk take-away service fueling Seoul's rabid coffee culture.  But the cats are the stars here, a variety of Bengals, Scottish Folds, Exotics, Persians and Maine Coons that, while not excessively affectionate, are reasonably sociable.  The staff were friendly and our drinks were high quality.

Located near Hongik University metro (Line 2), this Table A location is a great place to wile away a mild summer afternoon.  

3/7/18 UPDATE:  A lovely reader, Jing, reached out to me regarding this location and informed me that they have expanded the animals in residence to include wallabies and meer cats.  Unfortunately, this has had a negative impact on the quality of the cafe, with bad smells and animal droppings present.  FYI to anyone reading my May, 2017 review and planning to drop by- things have changed.

Date Visited:  5/22/17