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Address:  541 Broadway St S, Menomonie, WI

Phone:  +1 (715) 309-2773

Hours: M-F 10:30-18:30; Sa 10-18:00; Su 11-16:00

Entrance Fee:  $10/hour



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Facebook: @menomoniecatcafe




Cat vs Cafe (50/50)


Tabby Terrific:  Review of Tabby's Catfe

You know I love cats, but you probably didn’t know I’m from the upper Midwest and also adore small-town cafes.

So, I was pretty excited to learn that Menomonie, Wisconsin had a traditional main-street cafe with cats!

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Menomonie, population 16,000, is about an hour east of Minneapolis and is currently best known as the home town of the University of Wisconsin-Stout. This reputation may soon be surpassed considering they have one of the finest little cat cafes around.

You see, this is not your typical small town Wisconsin cafe. Tabby’s is a beautifully renovated facility, with equally lovely felines and humans that really make it stand out.

The university was not in session that day, so we were able to visit at length with the welcoming staff, where they gave us the low-down on the history of the cafe while ate our lunch of soup, sandwiches and coffee.

Open one year, Tabby’s was formerly a law firm, and the renovation photos they showed us were pretty incredible. The front room is the cafe, with stunning wood floors, huge sunny windows and warm colored walls. The back is the cat room- cheerful, cozy and completely separated from the cafe. However, my favorite part of Tabby’s is the outdoor ‘catio’, an inviting space with comfortable outdoor furniture that is perfect for soaking up the sun (and some kitty love).


Four cats were in residence the day we visited, courtesy of the fine folks at the Dunn County Humane Society. They included playfully distinguished white kitty Pawtrick Swayze, handsome tuxedo Cecil, silky black Jane Read and gorgeous long-haired tabby Harriet. The team at Tabby’s had facilitated 19 adoptions as of June, 2018, congratulations!

After lunch, we spent most of our time on the patio, and over the next hour several more patrons joined us as the cats entertained us by chasing bugs and each other. It was a perfect summer day to be outside.

With a fresh and fun setting, lovable felines, friendly staff and tasty food, prioritize a road trip to Wisconsin and Tabby’s Catfe asap!

Date Visited:  6/7/18

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