Sirena: Beijing, China


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Address:   Yonghegong St, Dongcheng Qu, Beijing Shi, 100007

Phone: N/A

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Entrance Fee:  None



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Website:  None

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Cat vs Cafe (10/90)


Will the Real Sirena Please Step Forward?

Locating Sirena wasn't a problem.  Actually, there are two of them, but I still can't be certain what either of them are.

Let me explain.

My research in advance had revealed a Sirena Cat Cafe and a Sirena Meow Inn on Wudaoying Hutong.  It appeared they were one in the same.  After popping into the place with a sign that read 'Sirena Meow Inn' (and matching the photos in my internet sleuthing) we were told there were no cats there.  I searched further and found the reviews for Sirena Cat Cafe stopped in early 2016 so I am 99.9% confident they are defunct..  There are limited reviews for Sirena Meow Inn on Agoda and Airbnb, so I believe they are still a guesthouse, but definitely no mention of any cats or visual confirmation when we were there. 

We continued down the street, a bit bummed that we had struck out, but not surprised given the highly variable cat cafe market in China.

Then, we saw it.  A cat sitting in the doorway of a restaurant and bar called Sirena.  

I was confused.  Yes, it had a Mediterranean theme with blue and white colors, just as the reviews had indicated.   When we saw the cat, we decided to investigate further.  Once inside, we immediately noticed the cat themed chairs and then spotted another kitty.  We figured this needed to be checked out, and as it was after seven pm, we ordered drinks- a Jack Daniels for me and a vodka tonic for Perry (100 yuan/$14.50).

Cozy at our pillow filled table near the bar, we sipped our cocktails next to a sleeping white and ginger kitty that was clearly a street cat as his underbelly was more gray from dirt than white.  His pal, another ginger, was a bit skittish and watched us warily as I snapped some photos.  Hearing noise upstairs, Perry volunteered to look and informed me that it was a restaurant with a lovely balcony, but he didn't spot any more cats.  

So.  With three wandering felines, Sirena is probably a 'bar with cats' vs. a Cat Bar.  I debated whether or not to include it, but figured addressing the Sirena situation made it worthwhile.  

Date Visited:  4/27/17