Seattle Meowtropolitan:  Seattle, WA


Contact Information

Address: 1225 N 45th St, Seattle, WA 98103

Phone:  (206) 632-2330

Hours: Tu-Su 11:00-15:00/16:00-21:00; M Closed

Entrance Fee:  $13/hour (includes drink), age 8+




Website / Social Media


Facebook: @meowtropolitan

Instagram: seattlemeowtropolitan

Twitter: @meowtropolitan


Cat vs Cafe (50/50)


Meow City:  Review of Seattle Meowtropolitan

In a city known for coffee and cafe culture, Meowtropolitan doesn’t disappoint.

Yes, the cats are awesome, more on the kitties in a bit, but let’s talk about how this cat cafe delivers a cafe experience to match those fabulous felines!

Open since January, 2016, Meowtropolitan is located in Seattle’s Fremont district, across Lake Union just north of downtown. The cafe has an ideal set-up with a separate full-service coffee shop and cat lounge. Both rooms have an outstanding loft-like atmosphere, with marbled effect concrete floors, lots of wood, dark bricks and exposed ductwork. The coffee room is more dark and atmospheric, while the light in the cat lounge is bright and cheerful, owing to the large picture windows that flank the bench seating.


Meowtropolitan serves a range of coffee drinks courtesy of Herkimer, a beloved local roaster. During our visit, I enjoyed a robust and flavorful drip coffee while my partner sipped on a not-too-weak-yet-not-too-strong latte.

There were nineteen cats in total the day we visited, seven of which are permanent residents also known as the ‘Knights of Meowtropolitan’ including Merlin, a friendly, gorgeous Maine Coon-ish kitty that posed like a supermodel.

Regional Animal Services of King County (RASKC) of Kent is their outstanding shelter partner and has helped facilitate an amazing 179 adoptions as of December, 2018. Congratulations!

We found a variety of feline personalities in the cat lounge, ranging from shy Sasha, a long-haired beauty with expressive blue-green eyes to curious Kitsa, a white and calico with longish hair, to Antonio, a bold and confident hunk of ginger love I found irresistible!


With plenty of room for humans and cats to spread out, the lounge felt very relaxing. The chill vibe soon had patrons smiling and chatting with one another, such as my lovely conversation with a local cat lover involved in rescue and TNR.

The lighthearted atmosphere is also due in part to the staff of Meowtropolitan, friendly folks that genuinely want you to enjoy your visit. They gave everyone treats near the end of the hour, which is a great way to ensure everyone has a chance to interact with the kitties. Then, they provide a gentle five-minutes-to-go announcement which paves the way for a graceful exit. I found this to be a very thoughtful method for managing the one-hour admission structure.

Meowtropolian is equally pleasing for humans and cats alike, with an environment that makes you want to hang out for hours. A highly recommended stop if you find yourself in Seattle and craving coffee, cats or both!

Date Visited:  11/24/18