Save Cat Cafe: Osaka, Japan


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Address: 〒530-0041 大阪府大阪市北区 天神橋5丁目7−8

Phone:  +81 6-7165-6504

Hours:  Tue-Sun 12:00-20:00, Closed Mon

Entrance Fee: Y1500/hour


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Facebook:  @savecatcafe


Twitter:  @savecatcafe


Cat vs Cafe (70/30)


Circle of Friends: Review of Save Cat Cafe

We made a friend in Sapporo who happened to be a cat lover.  

At the time, it was just a fun conversation blurb, but it turned into one of our best cat cafe experiences during our visit to Japan.  Thaeko, who was vacationing in Sapporo, had volunteered at Save Cat Cafe in the past and when she heard we were reviewing cat cafes, insisted we meet up in Osaka where she lives for a personalized afternoon outing.

One week later, on a warm and sunny Saturday, we made the twelve minute ride from Kyoto to Shin-Osaka station.  From there we took the metro one stop down the line to Tenma where we met up with Thaeko and her friend for our first stop:  an amazing lunch of Okonomiyaki.  

But this isn't a restaurant review, so let's move on to our second stop: the kitties.

Save Cat is one of the few rescue focused cat cafes in Japan.  There were seventeen kitties in residence during our visit and I was delighted at how affectionate they were since most had been living on the streets previously.  We had an incredible hour of cuddling and playing with these sweet babies.

The cafe makes itself conducive for maximum cat interaction as there are no tables and chairs in the cat room.  You are meant to sit on the floor with a blanket and furry feline on your lap.  We happily obliged, sitting in a circle, smiling at each other while cats climbed over us to a soundtrack of soft jazz music.

In addition to the cat room, there is also a small cafe that serves a variety of drinks and snacks.  With large windows separating the rooms, you can watch the action while sipping your beverage.  

I was really impressed with the set up at Save Cat.  The number of people allowed in the cat room is restricted to ensure plenty of one-on-one cat time.  The room itself is clean and pleasant.  But most importantly, the kitties are so incredibly sweet, I'm pretty sure I floated around the streets of Osaka after our time was up.

Save Cat Cafe is pure, unadultered delight!

Date Visited:  6/10/17