River Kitty Cat Cafe:  Evansville, In, USA


Contact Information

Address: 226 Main St, Evansville, IN 47708

Phone:  (812) 550-1553

Hours: W/Th 11-19, F 11-21, Sa 9-21, Sun 11-16, Closed M/T

Entrance Fee:  $7/60 minutes (age 6+)


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Website / Social Media

Website:  riverkittycatcafe.com

Facebook: @riverkittycatcafe

Instagram:  riverkittycatcafe

Twitter:  @riverkittycafe

Cat vs Cafe (60/40)


River of Dreams:  Review of River Kitty Cat Cafe

I know the focus of a cat cafe reviewer should be cats, but lately, I've been visiting some rather stunning cafes run by some of the friendliest people on the planet.  

So, forgive me cats of River Kitty Cat Cafe, while I gush a bit about the non-feline aspects of this fantastic cat cafe.

I had been looking forward to this visit since the first time I saw a street view photo of the cafe online.  It was a night shot and I remember thinking how gorgeous and sophisticated it looked, all glass and soft lights.

We headed up on a Saturday, breaking our rule about visiting during off-peak hours, to maximize kitty and people visiting time, but since car rentals are half price on weekends, Saturday it was to be.  Our reservation was for 3 pm and I could see the cafe was Saturday-afternoon-busy as we approached the storefront, which is just as pretty in the daylight as it is after dark.  

Inside, we walked the long hall to the host station and were greeted by Annette, one of the lovely owners of River Kitty.  She generously agreed to be interviewed and to give us a personal tour, even though it was a busy day.  While she greeted the next group of guests, we selected coffee drinks (from a full menu of beverages, snacks and pastries, including their signature macarons!) from the friendly baristas behind the counter and checked out the surroundings. 

I was really impressed by the atmosphere at River Kitty.  The space is exceptionally beautiful with exposed brick walls and handsome black & white tile accented by reclaimed elements (wooden church pews, old suitcases) and the unsung hero of ambience- perfect lighting!  I especially loved how the cafe fits the historic-yet-hip vibe downtown Evansville has created as more and more grand old buildings are renovated.  

Inside the cat room, which is separated from the cafe by a large glass wall, Shari (a cat carer) introduced us to the kitties including Clark, a sweet white n black, Stu, a social ginger and River, the namesake shop cat.  Several other felines were in residence, but a tad on the shy side, having recently been introduced to the cafe.  They have an innovative system (see if you can find it!) where cats can leave the main room and take a break downstairs to use the litter box!

Annette and her business partner Nancy are not just cat lovers, but talented entrepreneurs, and it's clear they have put much thought and vision into their project.  They opened in July, 2017 having partnered with Vanderburgh Humane Society for rescue cats.  It's been a successful alliance with 85 adoptions as of April 1, 2018.  They continue to evolve their offering with the addition of wine and beer to the menu and a full calendar of events.  The next phase includes plans for a downstairs expansion where they can accommodate even more visitors.  

Of course the cats are the stars here, but the personable service, delicious drinks and inspiring atmosphere make River Kitty Cat Cafe a can't-miss experience for everyone, not just cat lovers!

Date Visited:  1/27/18

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