Orlando Cat Cafe: Orlando, FL


Contact Information

Address: 532 Cagan Park Ave Suite 201-203, Clermont, FL 34714

Phone:  (352) 989-4820

Hours: Tue-Sun 10:00-18:00, Closed Mon

Entrance Fee:  $8/adults, $4/kids under 12, 1 hour



Website / Social Media

Website:  orlandocatcafe.com

Facebook: @orlandocatcafe

Instagram:  orlandocatcafe

Twitter:  @orlandocatcafe

Cat vs Cafe (50/50)


I Left My Heart in Orlando:  Review of Orlando Cat Cafe

When Calamari let me rub his belly, I was hooked.


If you know the story of how we came to name our blog The Neighbor's Cat, then you know I'm a sucker for long-haired Maine Coon.  So, if a cat has a small resemblance to our Bella, I'm smitten, but if they are also cuddly, you are probably going to have to drag me out of there.  Such was the case with sweet little Calamari.

Located about 4 miles west of Disney's Animal Kingdom, we visited Orlando Cat Cafe at 10 am on a Saturday morning.

We parked outside Axum Coffee, a coffee shop adjacent to cat cafe, yet separated by a wall with a large window, allowing you to peek in on the fun.  I ordered a drip coffee and drooled over the luscious pastries in the glass case!  

After grabbing my coffee from the barista, I entered the cat room, a large and relaxing space with concrete floors and high ceilings warmed by pops of color, a painted tree mural and soundtrack of soft rock music.  There are a few tables and seating areas to watch the action or you can get down with the cats and play.  Kudos to the designer for creating a fresh, modern and appealing place to hang out with the kitties!

There were twelve cats in residence the day I visited, provided via rescue partner The Animal League.  It was a lively morning as the kitties were extremely playful and curious to the delight of the patrons in attendance.  

Paula, a friendly staff member, monitored the cat room, but in a discreet way that didn't feel like your every move was being 'watched'.  She made herself available to answer questions about the cats, which I found very helpful.  Thanks Paula!

But mostly, I spent my time cuddling with Calamari.  I ignored my coffee (which is saying something because it was delicious) and hurried to take photographs so I could shower my crush with affection.  

I recently looked on the website and noted that Calamari was no longer listed as available for adoption, which, irrationally, made me feel a bit sad.   I've mentally 'adopted' dozens of cats since I began visiting cat cafes around the world, and even though they are living with someone else, somehow they remain mine.  

I can't guarantee you will find a Calamari-esque soul mate at Orlando Cat Cafe, but am confident an hours worth of cat companionship and a great cup of coffee will be a worthwhile consolation. 

Date Visited:  2/17/18