Nyafe Melange: Tokyo, Japan


Contact Information

Address:〒150-0013 Tokyo, 渋谷区Ebisu, 1−7−13 麻仁ビル恵比寿

Phone:  +81 3-5449-4024

Hours: S-Th 12:00 - 20:00, F-S 12:00 - 21:00

Entrance Fee: 1 hr/Y1000 M-F/Y1200 S/S



Website / Social Media

Website: nyafe-melange.com

Facebook: @nyafemelange


Twitter: @nyafe

Cat vs Cafe (80/20)


Variety is the Spice of (cat cafe) Life:  Review of Nyafe Melange

Mixture, Blend, Assortment.

Despite the name, Nyafe Melange wasn't terribly diverse compared to the fifty other cat cafes I visited in Japan.   But while my visit to Nyafe Melange was not super memorable, it was definitely all good.

However, this Ebisu neighborhood place did have a selection of nineteen furry felines on offer, mostly short haired cuties, but also a few long-haired beauties such as Birman, Ragdoll and Persian. 

I was greeted by a friendly attendant and given the usual rules, but was surprised to learn I could keep my shoes on.  Inside, I discovered the cafe was decently sized and pleasantly sweet with a hint of scruffiness.  An unusual circumstance in busy Tokyo, I was delighted to be alone and had my pick of cozy and comfortable places to sit.  

Most of the cats were sleeping, and the few that were awake were fairly antisocial, rebuffing my attempts to pet them.  I sat still for a long while, hoping one might hop up on my lap, and while it didn't happen, I did enjoy the selection of light jazz and world music that was playing.  

This was my fifth cat cafe of the day, and as such was pretty well coffee-ed out and didn't order a drink, which were available for purchase separately from the entrance fee.  I could see a professional barista-style machine in the back and assume the quality is a step up from the usual vending machine drinks that are available in most Japanese cat cafes.  

Overall, the atmosphere at Melange is calming and pleasant, and while the cats weren't particularly engaging, they were healthy and happy.

In addition to the standard hourly charge, a thirty minute visit is possible for Y600 on weekdays or Y700 on the weekend.

Date Visited:  6/6/17