NURRI Kassikovik: Tallinn, Estonia


Contact Information

Address: Tartu maantee 24, 10115 Tallinn, Estonia

Phone:  +372 687 8505

Hours: Mon-Fri 12:00 - 19:00, Sat-Sun 11:00 - 20:00

Entrance Fee:  5€ per person



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Facebook: @Kassikohvik

Instagram: @catcafenurri

Twitter:  None

Cat vs Cafe (50/50)

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Friendly Faces:  Review of Nurri Kassikohvik  

You never forget your first time.  Interestingly, this cat cafe had particulars about it and being my inaugural visit, thought these may be standard.  They're not.  

  • You are buzzed in through a locked, double-door system to prevent opportunistic dashes for daylight (it is located on a busy street)
  • A cover charge of 5€ per person applied to the bill in addition to any food or drink orders

I'm only pointing this out in the name of full disclosure- it's not a deterrent.  For Pete's sake, you are going to be in the presence of nine cuddly cats. SHELL OUT THE DOUGH AND BRING ON THE KITTIES!

I liked this facility.  It was clean and inviting with relaxing music.  While the space is large, it also has a few cozy, cushioned spaces where cats might be tempted to cuddle up next to you.  It was thoughtfully designed with a variety of cat gym equipment and even an oversized cat wheel (like a hamster wheel, but for felines).  There is a place to escape humans when they have had enough.

We were warmly greeted by a kind young woman who clearly had great affection for the cats.  After we placed our order, I surveyed the clientele.  On one end of the room, a grandmother sat stoically while her two young granddaughters ran with strings, squealing as cats chased them.  On the other side, a 30-ish woman sipped a latte and smiled quietly while she tapped away on her laptop.

Later, a young mother with two boys entered and things got hectic with a bit too much running, yelling and flinging of the cat toys.  The younger cats seemed to be fine with it, but the older cats scurried into hiding spots, much to my disappointment. 

The cats themselves seemed very healthy, and friendly, once the noisy kids left.  They slowly and cautiously emerged while we sipped our drinks and waited.  Finally, our patience was rewarded as a long haired cutie leapt into our laps.  Ah, success!

We stayed for about an hour and can honestly say that we had stupid grins plastered on our faces the entire time.  It's physically impossible not to smile, so if you've got a severe case of grumpy pants, get thee to ye Cat Cafe Nurri forthwith.

We enjoyed hot chocolate, coffee and one piece of cake and the quality was very good.  With food and drink, plus a 5€ per person cover, our total bill was 17€.  I wrote about how fabulous Tallinn (and the country of Estonia) is on my other blog, so in addition to this outstanding cafe, I highly recommend a visit to this fascinating part of the world.

Date Visited:  5/16/16

Nurri Kassikohvik Tallinn cute cat
Nurri Kassikohvik Tallinn cute cat
Nurri Kassikohvik Tallinn cute cat
Nurri Kassikohvik Tallinn cute cat on lap
Nurri Kassikohvik Tallinn cute cat