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Address: 54A Boat Quay Level 2, Singapore 049843

Phone:  +65 6536 5319

Hours: M-F 11-22:00, Sa/Su 10-22:00, Closed T

Entrance Fee:  S$12/hour



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Facebook: @catcafenekononiwa

Instagram: nekononiwa



Cat vs Cafe (60/40)


No Doubt:  Review of Neko no Niwa

In the lead up to our Six-Asian-Cities-In-Six-Weeks whirlwind cat cafe tour, I was especially looking forward to Singapore.

Known for its glittering skyline, steamy climate and melting pot of citizenry, this wealthy city/country offers so much to see and do that I was worried that Singapore’s cat cafes would have difficulty measuring up.

Luckily, my worries were mis-placed as Singapore’s cat cafes are not just top notch- they are staffed by caring rescue-focused cat lovers.

Neko no Niwa was our first stop. After a (very scenic & enjoyable) six hour bus ride from Kuala Lumpur, we dropped off our packs and hopped on the metro (purple line) for the Clarke Quay stop. From there, it was a short walk to Neko no Niwa.


Singapore’s first cat cafe is located on popular pedestrian street Boat Quay with gorgeous views of the Singapore riverfront- even if you weren’t into cats, this is definitely an area you want to visit. Filled with lively bars and restaurants, it attracts everyone from locals to expats to tourists.

We entered the cat cafe around 7 pm and were promptly greeted by the friendly staff, who were absolute stars for our entire visit- not just hospitable, but engaging and kind. At Neko no Niwa, it’s not just the kitties that light up the room.

Speaking of felines, I was delighted to learn that all 13 residents are rescues. Several were social and curious, but others were a bit more introverted. The staff were quick to point out which cats were ready to play and which needed some space, a testament to how well they know their charges and strive to put their needs first.

It wasn’t very crowded the night we visited, so were really able to relax and enjoy the cats and our coffee drinks with the twinkling Singapore night sky as our backdrop. The lounge atmosphere is pleasant- spare and uncluttered with lots of light wood and the occasional pops of color in the murals and fruit pillows. Everything was exceptionally clean and fresh.

The entrance fee of S$12 (US$8.80) is a bargain considering the real estate and overall experience.

Don’t miss it!

Date Visited:  4/23/18

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