Neko No Jikan amemura: Osaka, Japan


Contact Information

Address: 〒542-0086 大阪府大阪市中央区Chūō-ku, Nishishinsaibashi, 2 Chome−17, 西心斎橋2-17-10

Phone:  +81 6-6214-2020

Hours: Mon-Sat 11:00-20:00, Sun 10:00-20:00

Entrance Fee:  Y1200/hour inc. drink


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Website / Social Media


Facebook:  Cat of Liberty -旧 猫の時間 アメ村店

Instagram: nekoamemuracafe

Twitter:   @catcafe_liberty

Cat vs Cafe (80/20)


Munchkin Fun: Review of Neko no Jikan Amemura

I never knew Munchkins could be so much fun.  I mean, sure, they have (short) legs, but they know how to use them. 

I noticed these two vertically challenged sweeties right away, not just because were they super cute, but because they were exceptionally playful and full of energy.  Once I paid my entrance fee (came with a drink which I turned down as I was coffee-ed out), I spent most of my time filming them jumping up and down the cafe's wall shelves.

Eventually, I forced my attention to the other cats and discovered there were an astonishing eighteen on the premises, including an incredible variety of Sphinx, Maine Coons, Exotics, Short-hairs, Persians and more.  However, there was one sad kitty howling in a cage placed in the middle of the floor, which was a bit awkward.  Adding to my discomfort, there was also a strong cat urine odor present, which considering I was in my socks (no slippers available) made me a bit uneasy.  

Despite this, the cafe itself looks really nice and photographs well, and with the lively kitties in residence, an hour spent here won't be time wasted.     

Date Visited:  6/14/17