Neko Manma: Nagoya, Japan


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Address:  2-14 Minamiwakecho, Showa Ward, Nagoya, Aichi Prefecture 466-0849, Japan

Phone:  +81 52-848-7707

Hours:  Fri-Wed 12:00 - 18:00, closed Thurs

Entrance Fee: Y1296/hour, drinks included


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Twitter:  @nekomanma2012

Cat vs Cafe (80/20)


Nagoya, A Top Cat Cafe City: Review of Neko Manma

Nagoya has some of the best cat cafes in Japan.

With all the publicity surrounding Tokyo's famed feline emporiums, it may seem difficult to believe, but since it's an easy day trip by train from Kyoto (35 minutes) or Tokyo (90 minutes), I encourage you to experience it for yourself!

Neko Manma is more cat than cafe and designed for maximum kitty interaction.  If your aim is to play with cats, this is the cat cafe for you!

The location is a bit far from the center and I took the Sakuradori (red) metro line from Nagoya station to Gokiso station, where I walked the remaining few blocks through a pleasant residential neighborhood.  I entered the lobby area and was greeted by the friendly staff who did not speak English, but made me feel welcome even though they were a bit surprised to see me since this location is definitely a destination and not a walk-by impulse decision. 

I paid the fee of Y1296, which included unlimited drinks, took off my shoes and headed upstairs.  There are two rooms to choose from, as males are separated from females, with approximately 10-12 felines in each space.  The owner understands what cats like because the rooms have quite a bit of cat equipment including plenty of nooks and hidey-holes, plus soft cat beds.  Everything seemed very clean and fresh.

The kitties were either chosen for their personalities or just plain love life because they were all quite social and engaging.  I was having so much fun playing with them, especially the black long-haired beauty (what a flirt!), that I almost forgot to take photos!  

The drink station is well-appointed with real mugs and lots to choices.  It's definitely a step above the typical vending machines you see in most Japanese cat cafes.

Overall, Neko Manma delivers a wonderful experience with lovely cats, a nice facility, decent coffee and friendly staff which ranks it highly, especially when compared to many of the cafes in Tokyo.

Date Visited:  6/12/17