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Address: No. 7, Lane 50, Section 3, Muxin Road, Wenshan District, Taipei City, Taiwan 116

Phone:  +886 935 590 601

Hours: Thu-Tue 12:00 - 21:00, Closed Wed

Entrance Fee:  None


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Facebook: @yaphonecat

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Cat vs Cafe (75/25)


Cat Heroes of Taiwan, Part III:  Review of Music & Cats

As an accomplished violinist, Emily Lin is well-known in Taiwan for her music and love of cats, holding concerts to raise funds for her shelter and cat café, Music & Cats.

I discovered the coffee shop through a fellow cat lover I met online while tweeting about cats and Taiwan.  He offered to show me some of his favorite cat cafes that are lesser known and potentially challenging to find for foreign visitors.

We met at Qizhang station and chatted about travel and cats as we walked down Muxin Road until we reached Wenshan district, home of Music & Cats.

Our group received a friendly welcome by Emily’s friend, who introduced us to Emily while we sat down to chat over a cup of coffee.  Emily has been rescuing cats for over five years and opened her café two years ago.  There are currently thirty cats in residence at Music & Cats, and another twenty at her other facility.

She takes in cats that are difficult, and works diligently to socialize them.  One such kitty is Mao Mao, a gorgeous white British Shorthair suffering from behavior issues since she was abandoned by her owner (it was discovered she is deaf).  Things have slowly improved under the love and care of Emily, but she knows this fair feline would prefer to be the only cat in the household with a patient owner who can give her lots of time and space to blossom.

Developing a suitable adopter profile is part of Emily’s socialization process, and it isn’t easy finding such specific homes, but she perseveres.

We spent an hour meeting the cats and chatting about animal rescue in Taiwan before I took a few photos of Emily’s precious fur babies, including a great shot of Mao Mao, who had been elusive during my visit. 

It was a happy ending that I hope translated into a good omen for the snow goddess. 

Date Visited:  4/4/18

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