Momi Forest Postcard & Cafe: Xian, China


Contact Information

Address: West section of South Shun Cheng, Inside South Gate, (next to the back entrance of Xiangzimen Hostel)

Phone: +86 (029) 8725 1023

Hours: Mon-Sun 15:00 - 22:00

Entrance Fee:  None



Website / Social Media

Website:  None

Facebook: Not available in China

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Cat vs Cafe (75/25)


Friendliest Cats in China: Review of Momi Forest Postcard & Cat Cafe

Not sure what it is about Xian, but this was another tough-to-find spot.

Located in the Old City Walls, near the Beidajie metro stop (Lines 1 & 2), I'm so glad we found Momi because it was my number 3 highlight of Xian, after the Terracotta Warriors and the Muslim Quarter night market.

Momi is more cat than cafe, but it's the best kind of imbalance possible.  The cats are incredibly affectionate, perfect for those of us trying to get our kitty fix on the road.  

First, let's talk about Momi.  Mo Mi cafes are kind of a big deal in China.  The premise is that you can buy postcards and post them into the future, sometimes up to five years!  The Chinese name is 猫的天空之城概念, which means something like “The Cat’s Sky in Between the City”.  Most Mo Mi Cafes do not have cats, but this one decided to take the name literally.

One wall is dedicated to postcards, as you can see by the slots in the photo below.  It's not a very big place (four tables) and the environment is best described as 'catty', so definitely off=limits to anyone with even a mild allergy or sensitivity.  The menu is limited, but the two iced lattes (70 yuan/$10.14) we ordered were quite nice.

But, let's get back to the cats, shall we?  Indeed, if you are a cat person, this is the cafe for you.

We counted about fifteen furry lovelies, but there were probably more in the back.  What makes this place stand out from other cat cafes is the friendliness of kitties.  Nearly all enjoyed being petted and, to our delight, several demanded lap time, while others just wanted to be nearby or within petting range.  

Adding to the good times, the manager was friendly and we felt very welcome to stay as long as we liked.  The hours are mid-afternoon to evening, but the late opening hours seem to bode well as the cats were full of energy.  

The drinks are a bit expensive for China standards, but a more than a fair price for this kind of kitty love.

Date Visited:  4/7/17