Miau Cat Cafe: Bucharest, Romania


Contact Information

Address: Strada Între Gârle 7, București 030167, Romania

Phone:  +40 723 379 551

Hours:  Tues-Sun 12:00-22:00, Closed Monday

Entrance Fee:  No



Website / Social Media

Website:  none

Facebook: @cafemiau

Instagram: @Miau.bucharest

Twitter:  None

Cat vs Cafe (90/10)


Romanian Angels:  Review of Miau Cat Cafe 

UPDATE: The location of Miau Cafe has changed to Strada Între Gârle 7, București 030167, Romania

What the good folks at Miau are doing is so commendable, they should get an award.  More shelter than cat cafe, these cat heroes have taken in all kinds of abused and abandoned cats, and have created a little slice of kitty heaven.  

We decided to save the best for last.  After six days in Bucharest and a strange outing at the Palace of Parliament that morning, the afternoon was dedicated to visiting Miau.  It was cloudy and less hot than previous days, so we decided to walk the just-under 2 mile distance from the Palace, which took about 40 minutes due to several heavy traffic intersections.

Once we arrived, we had to do a double take.  The area is not commercial and we had to carefully consult our GPS to determine that, yes, we were in the correct spot.  The name of the cafe is spray painted onto the exterior wall which is decidedly low frills.

But once through the gate, things perked up immediately.  Colorful flower boxes and lush green plants ringed the sidewalk leading to the entrance.  We could see the cats resting on the indoor window sills.  

A young man with the appearance of a modern day hippie greeted us and took our drink order.  We chatted with our friendly barista while he made our iced soy lattes (the cafe is vegan) and told us the story of Miau.  In addition to the cafe, there is also a room for rent upstairs via Airbnb.   They don't turn any cats away and all donations go towards caring for their needs.  

Drinks in hand, we stepped into cat utopia.  The cafe has a comfortable, Bohemian vibe with cozy pillows on the floor, colorful walls and hand painted tables.  We had the whole place, and fourteen cats, to ourselves!

While some were a bit skittish, most were very friendly; the kittens were especially playful and adorable.

This was the most cat interaction we had in our eight visits across Europe in 2016 and we felt very welcome to stay as long as we liked.  The price for our two drinks was a bargain at $5, so we ended up donating more than that after seeing first hand how many homeless cats live in Bucharest during our week in the city.

With cute, comfy surroundings and plenty of clearly loved and cared-for cats, Miau deserves high marks overall and is well worth a visit.

Date Visited:  7/19/16