Mewsic Kitty CAfe:  Nashville, TN, USA


Contact Information

Address: 2519 Nolensville Pike, Nashville, TN

Phone:  (615) 891-2993

Hours: Th-Sun 11-3 & 4-8; M-W Closed

Entrance Fee:  $12/hour



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Facebook: @mewsickittycafe

Instagram: mewsickittycafe



Cat vs Cafe (50/50)


Feel the Music:  Review of Mewsic Kitty Cafe

A cat cafe is a themed concept, but sometimes these feline emporiums offer an additional theme based upon the city, region or area.

Mewsic Kitty Cafe is amongst the coolest themed cat cafes I’ve had the privilege of visiting.

Nashville’s famed moniker is Music City, owing to its long history in music publishing and as a crossroads for all types of music, not just country but also bluegrass, jazz and gospel. Mewsic Kitty taps into those entertainment roots with a honky tonk vibe- neon, a Johnny Cash mural and musical instruments as decor- all to liven your cat interactions. Of course, like any good speakeasy, there are also a few dark corners for you to brood while sharpening your songwriting skills.

Every detail is perfection- right down to the microphone stand that doubles as the check-in station. I was absolutely charmed!

We came during a rare slow hour and Jessica, our kind host, offered a friendly welcome and personal introduction to all the cats. I love hearing the backstory on the kitties and Jessica obliged by providing all of their names (feline derivations of famed singers and musicians) and details on their history.

Opened in April, 2018 by Maegan Phan and in partnership with Nashville Cat Rescue, Mewsic Kitty had facilitated 115 adoptions in just one year’s time, a huge accomplishment! Seventeen cats in residence the day of my visit. Lucy, Siamese Manx with the softest fur, Handsome Russian Blue Castillo. Pete, a skinny ginger with the best poses. Pretty white kitty Grace. Murray, black cat with a white chin.

Coffee by Bongo Java plus gluten-free and vegan bakery options.

Date Visited:  5/3/19