Meomi Cat Cafe:  Singapore


Contact Information

Address: 668 North Bridge Rd, Singapore 188801

Phone:  +65 6296 0339

Hours: Daily 11:00 - 22:00

Entrance Fee:  S$13/hour, includes drink




Website / Social Media


Facebook: @meomicatcafe

Instagram: meomicatcafe



Cat vs Cafe (70/30)


Mi Likey:  Review of Meomi Cat Cafe

I’m outgoing and consider myself pretty easy to talk to, but there are times when even this extrovert feels a little shy.

Traveling around the world visiting cat cafes, I’ve become accustomed to pushing through uncomfortable language and cultural barriers. However, when I’m at a cafe with gregarious story tellers, it really takes the pressure off me to steer the conversation and I genuinely appreciate it.

Such was the case at Meomi Cat Cafe.

The staff are sweet and friendly, but the owner has the kind of personality that was tailor made for running a cat cafe- affable, engaging and with a passion for all things feline related.

I took the Downtown (Blue) MRT line to Bugis station, which is a few short blocks away from the cafe. When I arrived, the cafe was fairly busy, a bit surprising for a weekday afternoon. I paid my S$13 fee (includes a drink) in the cafe/lobby area while the host gave me the lowdown on the cafe.

Open since 2014, there are seven cats in residence, a variety of pedigreed kitties ranging from a ragamuffin (Frowny), an American Curl (Curley), a Maine Coon (Coo) and my favorite, a Munchkin named Mario.

Inside the cat lounge area, I surveyed the scene. The space is small, yet cozy with low seating for maximum cat interaction, however the day I visited was on the lively side which sent the cats to mounted perches high above the patrons. Over the next 30 minutes, as guests began to leave, the cats slowly descended until they were curiously sniffing me while I snapped photos.

The owner came out from back and began introducing the various cats. His good-natured story telling ranged from felines to the latest gossip in Singapore which kept me entertained until my hour was up.

With such friendly folks and beautiful cats, a visit to Meomi is a fun way to get your kitty fix and a memorable personal experience in Singapore.

Date Visited:  4/24/18