Mauhaus:  Maplewood, MO


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Address: 3101 Sutton Blvd, Maplewood, MO 63143

Phone:  (314) 384-2287

Hours: Wed-Sat 9-8; Sun 9-6; Closed Mon/Tue

Entrance Fee:  $10/hr includes beverage




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Facebook: @mauhauscafe

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Cat vs Cafe (50/50)


House of Love:  Review of Mauhaus

A word of warning. If we are friends or relatives, eventually you will be visiting a cat cafe with me.

I recently made the trip over the St. Louis from Kansas City. Fun fact: I used to live there and that’s where I met Becca, at work. Becca and I became fast friends over diverse conversations ranging from the politics and travel to sushi and coffee. But mainly, our friendship was forged while bonding over kitties, namely her beloved rescue cats Kevin and Prudence.


It had been over two years since I had last seen Becca, but when we settled in KC in July, we made plans to make the four hour drive over to St. Louis. On a warm September Saturday, we met for brunch and a visit to Mauhaus afterwards.

Mauhaus -05.jpg

After brunch (Blue Duck, it was delicious) we made our way a few blocks down the road to Mauhaus. It was busy at the cat cafe, with a neighborhood sidewalk sale contributing to the crowds. We had a quick browse of the cat paraphernalia and then checked in at the coffee shop/reception area. Becca ordered a latte and I requested a french press, which you can take into the cat room.

While waiting for our turn to enter kitty heaven, we stood anxiously in front of the large windows that separate the two spaces. I liked what I saw- the cat lounge is cheerful, bright and very clean. Tables and chairs are grouped together on one side, while the cat trees, benches and large bay windows ring the other. The shelving above the benches frames the guests and creates a fun effect like a life sized shadow box.

Mauhaus -12.jpg

I love bringing friends to cat cafes, but find the experience simultaneously fun and stressful. While I want to witness their reactions, I’m usually roaming the room taking pictures and interviewing so I end up abandoning my guests completely. Luckily, Becca is a cat pro and figured the whole thing out without my ‘help’.

I chatted with cat attendant Clayton, who gave me the lowdown on Mauhaus. Open two years as of September 2018, they have partnered with shelter Stray Haven to find forever homes for St. Louis’ homeless cats and have been very successful with 149 adoptions to date (210 as of March, 2019).

The day of our visit, there were 18 cats in the room, including two residents, Lorelai and Taylor. I met several adoptable cats with memorable names like sassy Lemon Chiffon, sweet Mighty Joe Young and handsome Cortado. Jack, a Kevin dead ringer, engaged Becca in a game of hand biting ‘Chicken’.

Mauhaus -30.jpg

The room was buzzy with activity, punctuated by occasional admonishments of the children (and myself when I walked away from my coffee!), but overall the vibe was friendly and lighthearted.

Once I had my fill of cats and coffee, Becca and I headed to the Schlafly brewery down the street for a beer and proper catch up that featured, what else, cats.

Date Visited:  9/15/18

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