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Address: 244, Taiwan, New Taipei City, Linkou District, 文化三路一段39巷116弄1號1樓

Phone:  +886 2 2608 7502

Hours: Tue-Sun 11:00-22:00; Mon 12:00-22:00

Entrance Fee:  No



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Cat vs Cafe (50/50)


Thai-riffic:  Review of Mao Thai Thai

When I visit cat cafes in countries outside the US, I always conduct a bit of reconnaissance by asking the same question.

‘Are there other cat cafes I should visit?’

It was the day before our flight back to the US after a whirlwind six week tour of six Asian cities. We had just visited Cat & Life, a rescue and adoption organization in Taipei when I asked about other cat cafes in the area.

The staff member listed off several, most of which I had visited, but one that I had not.

Mao Thai Thai.

That night, I researched it, discovering (to my delight) it was legit. The next day, we boarded the Taoyuan Airport MRT (commuter train, not express) bound for the airport, but got off at the Linkou stop, about 3 stops short of Taipei International Airport (TPE). Linkou is a fast-growing suburb of Taipei, with lots of new construction and shopping outlets. From the station, we made the short walk to the cafe and speculated what we would find.

I was pleasantly surprised.

While many of the Taipei cat cafes we visited were in older buildings, Mao Thai Thai is brand new. Modern, bright and cheerful with colorful pillows and tiles, it was also super clean and was set to a soundtrack of Taiwanese pop hits. The restaurant was buzzing with people eating what looked to be incredibly delicious Thai food.

The staff were a bit startled to see Westerners, and while they didn’t speak much English, (which, to be clear, is perfectly ok and we don’t expect it) they greeted us warmly with big smiles. We were promptly seated on colorful cushions and after a quick perusal of the menu (pictures were very helpful) we selected Coconut Chicken Soup and Thai Basil pork, a spicy dish served with rice and topped with an egg. I was delighted that my last meal in Asia would not be airport food.

There were 17 cats in residence the day we visited- a variety of exotic and domestic felines. They seemed well-loved and cared for with several sporting haircuts that made them look like mini-lions. They also appeared to be more socialized than many of the kitties we met in Taiwan, as they mingled and moved from table to table, avoiding the outstretched arms of small children anxious to pet them.


Even with the language barrier, we were treated with kindness by the friendly, smiling staff.

It’s easy to love time spent at Mao Thai Thai. The atmosphere is incredibly lighthearted and fun with staff and patrons exuding a happy, energetic vibe. As it is an quick stop either going into the city or the airport, I highly recommend you pay them a visit when in Taipei.

Date Visited:  5/9/18

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