KZoo Cat Cafe:  Kalamazoo, MI


Contact Information

Address: 1128 W Michigan Ave #1, Kalamazoo, MI

Phone:  (269) 775-1388

Hours: M-F 6-10pm; Sat 10am-2/3-8pm; Sun 10-4pm; Closed Wed

Entrance Fee:  $12/hr adults; $7/hr students/kids




Website / Social Media


Facebook: @kzoocatcafe

Instagram: @kzoocats

Twitter: @kzoocats


Cat vs Cafe (90/10)


To Have & to Hold:  Review of Kzoo Cat Cafe & Rescue

You never know what awaits when visiting cat cafes.

Take our excursion to Kzoo. What started as a typical outing turned into something quite memorable.

When we arrived, the doors were locked and the sign said they were closed for a private party. Normally, I book my visits well in advance to ensure I don’t miss out, but in this case, we made a last minute decision to pop on down for the evening from our base of operations in Grand Rapids. I could see people inside and that’s when Abbey came to the door.

She noted that a couple was inside the cafe and in the middle of a proposal. The cats would bear witness to this declaration of love and lifelong commitment!

Which seems appropriate considering the goal of Kzoo is the find loving forever homes.

After a drive around Kalamazoo and a quick dinner, we returned to be greeted by Abbey once again.

Abbey is the founder and driving force behind Kzoo. A lifelong cat lover, she visited a cat cafe in Australia and decided that was what she wanted to do. Open since summer of 2017, they facilitated 89 adoptions in their first year. Since our visit, she has successfully transitioned to a non-profit rescue and created partnerships with foundations and networks such as Maddie’s Fund, Petco Foundation and Best Friends.

Inside the cafe’s signature purple walls, we were the only visitors and took full advantage by introducing ourselves to most of the approximately 20 felines in residence. Kzoo shelters all types of cats, from seniors to kittens, and the personalities ranged from playful and curious, like Polo, to quiet and shy, like Sandy.

Abbey, a personable and gracious host, tended to the needs of several kittens while answering questions. She talked about how she continues to immerse and educate herself on all things related to cat welfare, enrichment and shelter best practices.

With her commitment to making Kzoo the best shelter it can be, and dedication in providing a relaxed, social and cage-free environment to Michigan’s stray and abandoned cats, it’s clear Abbey (just like her newly engaged customers) is in this for the long haul.

I highly recommend supporting Kzoo with a visit when in the Kalamazoo area!

Date Visited:  6/12/18

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