Kockafe Freya: Prague, Czech Republic


Contact Information

Address:  Bořivojova 1102/43, 130 00 Praha 3

Phone:  +420 222 722 959

Hours:  Daily 11:00-20:00

Entrance Fee: No


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Website / Social Media

Website: kocicikavarnapraha.cz

Facebook:  @kocicikavarnafreya



Cat vs Cafe (50/50)


Pretty as a Picture, Take III:  Review of Kockafe Freya

Prague's oldest cat cafe is yet another beautiful place to sip coffee while enjoying the presence of furry felines.  

Located in the Zizkov neighborhood, a short distance from the main train station and Jiriho Podebrad metro stop, I felt right at home Kockafe Freya as soon as I stepped inside.  The set up is stylish and cozy, with just enough space between tables to feel communal, yet private for conversation. 

I was coffee-ed out by the time I arrived at 4 pm and being a Friday afternoon decided to order a white wine and some nibbles for the super low price of 80 crowns ($3.65 USD).  As I listened to indie music, the cafe's seven cats (all rescues) curiously and quietly roamed the room switching places for their next nap which is when I noticed the adorable merchandise featuring these kitty celebrities.

During my hour-long visit, a mix of tourists and regular customers filled the cafe, and we received great service from the friendly manager who clearly adores the cats and enjoys running this lovingly crafted space. 

Kockafe Freya has a hip and relaxing vibe that I found irresistible and strongly recommend a visit when in Prague.

Date Visited:  9/15/17

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