Kitty Cafe: Nottingham, UK


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Address: 31- 37 Friar Ln, Nottingham NG1 6DD, UK

Phone:  +44 115 924 2214

Hours: Sun-Fri 10:00-18:00, Sat 10:00-19:00 

Entrance Fee:  £6/hour adult, £4/hour children


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Facebook:  @kittycafeUK

Instagram: kittycafeuk

Twitter: @kittycafeUK1

Cat vs Cafe (50/50)


Hello Kitty: Review of Kitty Cafe

The word has gotten out about Kitty Cafe!

We arrived when the city centre traffic was getting a bit thick, but it was nothing compared to how lively it was inside this popular Nottingham cat cafe.

I was gobsmacked over the busyness for two reasons.  First, because unlike most cat cafes, it's an enormous place (the staff even wear headsets to communicate with the front desk!!) with seating for a minimum of 50 people.  Second, it was 3:30 on a weekday afternoon (I discovered later it was 'half term', a British phrase for school break).  It was full when we arrived and we waited a few minutes before being seated in the back room.

A seasoned cat cafe veteran, I found myself in the strange position of not knowing what to do.  Yes, the facility is nice, clean and comfortable.  Yes, the staff are friendly.  Yes, there is a large menu of delicious food and drink to choose from.  And, yes, there are many, many cute kitties. 

However, the crowds had thrown me off my game.  There were so many people (it felt like it was a competition to get the attention of the cats), most of the kitties had run for cover.  The few felines that remained were hopelessly surrounded.  I looked around and saw one fluffy gray cat heading for the quiet corner of an unoccupied couch.  When I got up to take a photo, the expression on her face (see below) was one of dismay and sorrow, as if she was saying 'Must you do that?'

Ashamed, I sat down and decided to sip my latte and enjoy the surroundings instead.  Cute, colorful and quirky, Kitty Cafe's decorator has done a tremendous job.   I was also impressed by the quality of the food and the great service from the professional staff.  If you were looking for an fun, entertaining and satisfying outing with a friend, you would not be disappointed at Kitty Cafe.

Because I tend to value a more personal cat experience, my time at Kitty Cafe was a little less feline-focused than I am accustomed.  While the cats are monitored by the staff and there is some rotation of kitties from the back room, they still seemed a bit overwhelmed and stressed. 

Objectively, Kitty Cafe is a nice place run by nice people and deserving of good scores, but those more feline-minded would be better served visiting on a slow day.  

Date Visited:  11/2/17