Kitty Brew Cat CAfe:  Mason, OH, USA


Contact Information

Address: #6-7, 6011 Tylersville Rd, Mason, OH

Phone:  (513) 818-2287

Hours: M-Th 12-7; Fri/Sat 11-8; Sun 11-5

Entrance Fee:  $10.70/hour



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Facebook: @kittybrewcafe

Instagram: kittybrewcafe

Twitter: @kittybrewohio


Cat vs Cafe (50/50)


Brew Crew:  Review of Kitty Brew Cat Cafe

There are kind, hardworking people in this world, and then there are people like Jenni.

Jenni takes her mission of finding homes for the areas homeless cats seriously. Since opening two years ago, Kitty Brew has facilitated nearly 1300 adoptions- amongst the highest totals in North America- impressive considering the others that adopt on this level are shelter extensions and Jenni is an independent cat cafe.

Not that she doesn’t have help. Jenni works with several local shelters including Animal Friends Humane SocietyPaws CauseHart of Cincinnati, and His Hand Extended Sanctuary. Plus, her staff are A1, a loyal crew of cat lovers that also have excellent people skills. But it’s Jenni that is the heart and soul of Kitty Brew and her compassionate, tireless dedication is a huge factor in why so many people have adopted here.

Her lovely personality made my visit here an absolute delight.

It was a crazy busy Saturday when I dropped by, with a birthday party in full effect. I checked in on the cafe side and was greeted with a warm welcome and genuine smile. Yep, it was Jenni. She was working between the cafe and cat lounge, separate (and spacious!) rooms connected large windows that let you take in the kitty action while sipping a superb coffee supplied by local roaster Seven Hills.

Despite all that she was juggling that day, Jenni took the time to give me a tour (this place is immaculate) and introduce me to the cats- there were 33 in residence that day including sweet ginger Butters and snow cat Whip Cream. I was also lucky enough to make the acquaintance of outdoor enthusiast (aka community cat) Will Feral.

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Will is exceptionally friendly, but not keen on living inside. As we petted him, Jenni and I swapped stories and laughed about our crazy cat lives. This is what I love the most about my cat travels- the ability to make friends for life- the kind of friends that want to talk about cats as much as I do.

Easy-going, big hearted and full of good cheer (and cats!), the atmosphere of Kitty Brew matches the personality of its owner, something that will surely deliver a memorable and joyful visit!

Date Visited:  2/17/19

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