Kavarna Kocici: Prague, Czech Republic


Contact Information

Address:  Křižíkova 22, 180 00 Praha 8-Karlín

Phone:  +420 223 008 284

Hours:  Sun-Thu 11:00-20:00; Fri/Sat 11:00-21:00

Entrance Fee: No


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Website / Social Media

Website: kavarnakocici.cz

Facebook:  @kavarnakocici1

Instagram: kavarna_kocici

Twitter: @kkocici

Cat vs Cafe (50/50)


Pretty as a Picture, Take II:  Review of Kavarna Kocici

The residents of Prague are awfully lucky because they not only have an abundance of cat cafes, they are gorgeous to boot.

Kavarna Kocici (not to be confused with Kocici Kavarna) is another lovely place to sip coffee in the presence of furry felines.  Adjacent to the Old Town (between Florenc and Krizikova metro stops) I stepped into this bright and airy cat cafe after a pleasant walk through the Karlin neighborhood.  There are two levels and while the basement is cozy and atmospheric, I decided to sit upstairs where most of the cats were hanging out.  

There are nine felines that live at the cafe and while they are social and enjoy sitting near you, are not as keen on being petted.  The menu contains the bios of the kitties, so you can learn their names and personalities.

I ordered a latte for 65 crowns ($2.96) which was high quality and nicely presented.  The cafe also serves a variety of cocktails and food- sandwiches, soups and cakes.  In speaking with manager Zuzka, she stated they had been open for three years and were shifting to an eco-sensitive concept with decompostable cups and vegan/raw food.

With friendly cats and staff, excellent food/drink and a relaxing cafe environment, a stop at Kavarna Kocici will most certainly be a highlight when visiting Prague.

Date Visited:  9/15/17

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