So, you want to have a cat, but...

We get it.  You love cats, but for a variety of reasons (apartment doesn't allow it, frequent traveler, allergic spouse), you can't have your very own feline companion. 

Enter the perfect solution:  cat cafes.  Giving everyone the chance to relax with a cup of coffee in the company of adorable fur babies.  

Our mission is simple:  to visit and document every cat cafe in the world (so far, 196 in 28 countries!)  We are thrilled to present a comprehensive global cat cafe website with first-hand reviews, the most current locations, entertaining articles and an extensive photo gallery of the cutest cats around the planet!  With The Neighbor's Cat, you can find the perfect cafe to complement your travels or just relax while checking out the cute kitties

We are also passionate about animal welfare, especially cat cafes that facilitate rescue & adoption and educate their communities on issues such as TNR (Trap-Neuter-Return).   Through this website, we seek to elevate the profiles of these small businesses (and their shelter partners), making the world a better place for felines and humans everywhere!

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