Happy Tabby Cat Cafe:  Atlanta, GA, USA


Contact Information

Address: 529 Irwin St NE, Atlanta, GA 30312

Phone:  (678) 640-4404

Hours: W-F 12-20:00, S/S 10-20:00, Closed M/T

Entrance Fee:  $7/hour


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Website / Social Media

Website:  happytabbycatcafe.com

Facebook: @happytabbycatcafe

Instagram:  happytabbycatcafe

Twitter:  @happytabbycafe

Cat vs Cafe (70/30)


Happy Feet:  Review of Happy Tabby Cat Cafe

I'm a sucker for a Maine Coon. 

In fact, the inspiration behind The Neighbor's Cat is Bella, the Maine Coon stray that we took in, but actually turned out to be the neighbor's cat.  Oops!

So, when I saw Gizzy, a Bella look-alike, I nearly collapsed into a big pile of mush.

Happy Tabby is located in trendy Old Fourth Ward, which is filled with hip restaurants and shops.  We parked on the street outside the historic building (near where Martin Luther King, Jr. was born) the cafe occupies, and checked in at the host station/coffee bar, which is separated from cat room.  After paying our entrance fee, we ordered coffee and entered kitty heaven.

The cats reside in a pretty room that has been sensitively restored with an exposed brick wall and concrete flooring balanced by colorful walls and lots of greenery.   

Happy Tabby makes good use of its vertical space with lots of elevated equipment for the cats to climb, including cat trees, bridges suspended from the ceiling and wall perches.  

In addition, a large bunkbed (a first in all of my cat cafe visits!) dominates one wall and proved to be quite popular as it was fully occupied the entire hour we were there.  Adults and kids alike giggled with delight as the kitties curled up next to them for cuddles.  

Speaking of felines, there were close to a dozen the day of our visit.  Most were curious and social, but a few, shy and sassy.  Cat staffer Tara was helpful in identifying playful kitties, like the photogenic part-Siamese kitten, Butter Bean.  We were able to visit with her (and Jenna, the manager) discovering they had only been open six months, yet had facilitated 38 adoptions via their rescue partner FurKids, Georgia's largest no-kill shelter. 

During our conversation, one cat soon caught my eye- Gizzy, my Maine Coon sweetheart.  Petite, yet muscular, she bounded across the room and that's when I noticed her flank and fluffy tail had Somali-like characteristics. Considering Somali cats are my other favorite feline breed, I went from infatuated to obsessed!

Willing myself to pay attention, I learned the cafe is expanding with a bar and additional menu offerings available soon.  We continued to chat for the remainder of our visit while I kept an eye on Gizzy.

As we prepared to depart, I introduced myself to her like a starstruck fan.  She posed for a few photos and then politely excused herself to an elevated perch, just out of view.  Since then, I have officially added her to the list of sweet fur babies I've loved and lost.   Such is the life of an intrepid cat cafe reviewer.

Happy Tabby is a lovely space filled with equally lovely kitties and I'm confident you'll be similarly smitten when you make your visit.  

Date Visited:  1/26/18

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