Happy Cat Cafe:  Grand Rapids, MI


Contact Information

Address: 447 Division Ave S, Grand Rapids, MI

Phone:  +1 (616) 202-4750

Hours: S/S/W/F 12-18:00,T/Th 12-20:00,closed M

Entrance Fee:  $10/hour



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Website / Social Media

Website:  happycatgr.com

Facebook: @happycatgr

Instagram: @happycatgr

Twitter: @happycatGR


Cat vs Cafe (70/30)


Happy Together:  Review of Happy Cat

I’ve enjoyed almost all my visits to cat cafes around the world, but some I just love more than others. The thing is, I never know when I’ll have that super special visit and it makes all this cat-cafeing exciting.

Such was the case with Happy Cat.

We had started the day in Madison, WI, and were frantically trying to reach Grand Rapids, MI before the cafe closed. After a long, traffic-filled journey, we hurried into Happy Cat with an hour to spare.

Kati, the owner, greeted us and the stress of the trip immediately evaporated, because Kati is just one of those super-cool people, friendly, and full of wit. We started jabbering like old friends while we each fixed a coffee in the cafe/back sitting room. The building is historic and has been beautifully restored with a hip and artistic vibe.

Drinks in hand, we followed Kati into the cat room where she gave us the low-down on the current felines-in-residence, supplied by famed TNR (Trap-Neuter-Return) and community cat experts Carol’s Ferals. The day we visited, there were twelve cats, including black and white Buttons, gorgeous calico Okra and my favorite, handsome and serious tuxedo, Brahms. Fiji, the sweetest little gray and white, bonded with Perry right away and spent the majority of our time there curled up on his lap, soaking up the cuddles.

We visited for a long time in the cat room, an open, yet cozy space full of color and light. Open one year as of August, 2018, Kati launched Happy Cat with her husband Adarsh. Cat people tend to be big-hearted, but Kati and Adarsh are absolutely some of the nicest people I’ve met in the cat cafe business.

Afterwards, upon recommendation from Kati, we headed to nearby Downtown Market for dinner and as we ate, raved about our visit. Happy Cat lives up to it’s name, but it’s not just the cats that are happy, so are the humans fortunate enough to visit this amazing cat cafe. The lovable kitties and equally lovely atmosphere can’t help but fill you with warmth and cheer- prioritize a visit to Grand Rapids, Michigan ASAP!

Date Visited:  6/12/18

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