GurugurUdo Neko Cafe: Osaka, Japan


Contact Information

Address: 〒542-0086 Ōsaka-fu, Ōsaka-shi, Chūō-ku, Nishishinsaibashi, 2 Chome−2−4−6 4F

Phone:  +81 6-7492-4060

Hours:  Tue-Sun 11:00-22:00, Mon 11:00-20:00 

Entrance Fee: Y1050/hour inc. drink



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Facebook:  @nekocafegurugurudou

Instagram: gurugurudou



Cat vs Cafe (70/30)


Zen Unique: Review of Gurugurudo Neko Cafe

Located in busy Dotonbori, the neon-filled tourist district, Gurugurudo offers a respite from the chaos.  The design, modeled after a zen den, combines antique Japanese furniture, green plants... and cats. 

We planned to dine at Ajinoya, famed Michelin star restaurant for Okonomiyaki, but had one little task before doing so- visit this cat cafe.

It was nearly seven pm when we took an elevator to the fourth floor of the building where the cafe is located with a mixture of businesses.  Inside the reception area, I paid the entrance fee and ordered a coconut chai latte, which was nicely presented and among the best I had while visiting Japan's numerous cat cafes!

I noticed the cats immediately because they were plentiful (14-15) and beautiful, among them, several Maine Coons, a Ragdoll and two Munchkins.

I'm normally all about the kitties and they were certainly nice, but what really stood out to me at this cat cafe was the unique atmosphere.  I loved the whole vibe- dark wooden floors, hint of incense and the kind of soft music you might hear during a massage, all very pleasing to the senses. 

My only critique(s) would be the lighting as it was a bit too bright and harsh and the old-fashioned furniture, while beautiful to look at, was not particularly comfortable.  It ended up being fine because I spent most of my time moving around the room and petting cats, but it's not the kind of cafe where you would bring your laptop and settle in with a cup of coffee.

Overall, I highly recommend popping into Gurugurudo if you are in Dotonbori and need a break.  The relaxing environment, delicious drinks and gorgeous cats will be just what the doctor ordered.

Date Visited:  6/14/17