Good Luck Cat Cafe: Ft Lauderdale, FL


Contact Information

Address: 901 Progresso Dr #202 Fort Lauderdale

Phone:  (954) 635-2725

Hours: Mon-Sun 11:00 - 18:00

Entrance Fee:  None


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Website / Social Media


Facebook: @goodluckcatcafe

Instagram:  _goodluckcatcafe

Twitter:  @goodluckcatcafe

Cat vs Cafe (90/10)


Lucky You:  Review of Good Luck Cat Cafe

It's a concept I love and hope to see more of in the future.

Good Luck Cat Cafe proves that cat cafes can take on many forms.  Located in a special room within Boomerangs Thrift Shop, the space is cute and cozy with cat trees and cages interspersed between comfortable couches.  The ocean blue walls are decorated with amazing cat art, some donated by a prominent artist. 

Open for nearly one year, Boomerangs has created successful partnerships with Good Karma Pet Rescue and Lady Luck Animal Rescue with 78 cats adopted as of late February.  The day we visited, there were three felines in residence- Mariko, a sweet orange/white girl with the softest fur, Piper, a shy tortie and Geddy, a handsome black cat.

Good Luck Cat Cafe is staffed 100% with volunteers and we found the cat carers on staff the day we visited incredibly kind and friendly.  While they visited with us, they were also minding the kitties and greeting new guests.  The focus at the cafe is the help socialize the cats and make them comfortable around humans by giving them lots of love.

Keurig coffee and snacks are available for purchase, so if you are in the Fort Lauderdale/Miami area, make it a priority to stop by and support these fine folks and felines.  

You will be the lucky one, I promise!

Date Visited:  2/18/18